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What group would you like me do for my next fic?

  • Bts
  • NCT
  • Got7
  • EXO
  • None
  • If you want another group, please comment below.

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Hey there! Welcome to my page where I write mediocre stories for fun on my free time. The name is Andy. I am 26. I'm an animal lover and also a weeb. I'm pretty sassy and tell a lot of dark humor. I also write a bunch of rants on my blog about things that annoying me in the K-POP world! Below are some of my recent stories I'm working on. Feel free to check them out and let me know what you think. I highly appreciate comments! ^-^

Dog Tags (SugaxOC) // Hollow Eyes (KrisxOC) //  Mochi To Muscles (JiminxOC) // ;credit for the layout goes to SunChild for helping my noob create this


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