Ein süßer Traum: A Sweet Dream


To the deepest heart of the forest from the Seoul skyline. Everything can be compared with one word 'Different' -  weather, atmosphere and even non-identical creatures untold by humans. No one would ever believe unless people can witness with both clear eyes. Hidden in days while they come into sight during nights, who would know that they exists and lives secretly?

The man-wolves, who are only read in fairytales and fictions could be really true?

Far awar from city, a forest abandoned by humans is where the man-wolves stays. No one could ever discover the place but what if a wolf cross over the city?

After the death of Heiress Min Sol, he couldn't think straight and decided to ruin his own life after the tragedy. Since the man-wolf named Luhan was never aware of humans, he comes to discover everything that's in the city while accidentally not regretting...

*She completely looks like Heiress Min Sol* -Luhan

"The reason why you came to my life.. Is it because I resemble her?" -Song Nana

"You are bringing trouble in your life! She is different from you, remember that she is not Heiress Min Sol!" -Kris

"I don't care what trouble brings to us.. Even if the world is against us, only eternal rest can seperate us, Saseum" -Song Nana


B E W A R E as a wolf: DISREGARD THE GOLDEN ORDERS or have the misfortune result.




~Song Nana~

After her parents died from an accident, it's her uncle who takes care of her. 

She works in a flower shop for a medical reason.

The present Heiress Min Sol in society


~Luhan "Saseum(deer)"~

A wolf from a hidden forest with no knowlegde about humans.

One of the twelve gifted and powerful wolves in their society. He is Kris' younger brother



twelve powerful wolves with different abilities.

Suho, Kai, Baekhyun, Sehun, Chanyeol, D.O, Kris, Luhan, Tao, Xiumin, Chen, Lay.

more interesting characters soon...


The story is based in EXO'S VCR in MAMA 2013


Hello! exovereader here, this my FOURTH story! and my first ever fantasy fanfic!

I hope you'll love and support it :)

I used my imagination for this story, and if there are similar stories with this, it's a completely coincidence!





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Credits to the owners of the pictures, background and gifs!

Thank you and credits to:  We Got Fired -- // poster shop for the amazing poster!



I hope you enjoyed the story! Feel free to comment, Thanks :)

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ayeThere #1
Chapter 50: Feels :( everywhere. I'll probably read this over and over again!
Angelz0715 #2
Chapter 50: This story is so touching!!! I cry so much TT^TT
Chapter 50: If i wouldn't be in the office and secretly reading your story i would be sitting at home in my bed and cry my eyes out ㅠㅡㅠ sooo sad but sooo beautiful and argh i can't write the words in englisch..... so schön so trurig nd so mitriisend und alles drum dra
Chapter 50: You seriously made me cry.... And almost none can make me cry... If someone tries to make me cry it will be Really REALLY HARD for him/her.... But you really did make me cry easy~ the only thing i can say about this fic is WOOOOOW!... Nothing more just WOW!!
chokyulate_phaa #5
Chapter 50: You made me cry TT
Chapter 50: wow author-nim you made me cry like theres no tomorrow T^T oph, im still crying ; ^ ; .such a good story, author-nim such a really good story omo, why did he have to die T^T
Thanks for your lovely comments~
KimSunA #8
Chapter 50: Sacrifice, indeed.
ChineseGirl_ #9
Are tou perhaps deutch? :3
xxhannaxx #10
Chapter 50: Woooooòoooo....finish already hehehehe...good story..thumbs up