It’s MY baby


When Sungmin was 8 years old her father left with another woman. Her mother died 2 years after the divorce from sadness. Her mother’s only sister took her in and raised her as her own daughter.

At that time Sungmin decided that she'll never get married.

Now Sungmin is 28 years old. She runs a small cafe near the student campus where her younger sister/cousin Ryeowook attends. Her collage friend Sooyoung is helping her with the cafe. As Sungmin was watching her friend trough these past years, how she got married and had a child and then a second one and now she's expecting a third one, she suddenly felt so alone. Sooyoung always tells her funny stories about her children and Sungmin could picture how alive must her house be with two kids running around.

That is when she decides to have a baby, a baby girl who would look just like her. But, what happens when the baby’s father wants to be a part of their lives?



''Aaah, I want to have a cute daughter like Suli'' Sungmin, who was watching the scene, let out a sigh.
''But I thought you said you'll never get married'' Yesung, who stood beside asked.
''And I'll never ever get married ... but that doesn't mean I can't have kids'' Sungmin gave Yesung a smug look and delivered the coffee to an old lady siting by the window.




a/n: Sungmin and Ryeowook are 100% girls, yeah girls … I thought at first if I should do mpreg, but I changed my mind :D


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