Into Your World


She always blames Sehun for his lack of interest on her, lack of expression, lack of feelings…

She forgot that even Tony Stark has a heart.

So does Oh Sehun.




Hello! I'm back again! I know I promise to focus on Baekhyun & Kai series but I can't help from writing Oh Sehun story. I had been wishing to write Sehun's story since he usually become the second lead or add-on cast sometimes even become the bad guy in my stories thus this time , I want to make him shine lmao.  Also thanks for that one story, the author makes me as if I fell in love with Sehun in real life thus this story come along. 

Hopefully you guys will fall in love with Oh Sehun in this story because me myself..

I fell in love with him. 


[side note : the pretty poster cc to Sourytears]





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Do come and check out! Am writing a new story <3
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