Last Dance

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Have you ever think the life of a crown princess who is the wife of ambitious general? The woman who he claims he love but every night he sleeps with different women or in his words as toys?
Living in his world where he kills and betrays at every chance he has for so called country?
I have done everything for you Baekhyun.
Its time for the last dance that I would offer for our paradise to end.


Hello! Since I have some writer block to continue on my on-going story, I am going to write an oneshot which will bring the theme of maturity of Baekhyun as what I wanted before so do enjoy the story! 


1. The plot and scene is from my own idea and any similarity are coincidence and inspiration based only. 

2. The story has no concrete storyline. I can write like drabble too so stop reading if you are not interested in this kind of writing. 

3. The story will come into parts. I will explain more once I finalize the story either it will stay as parts or in one shot. 

4. Dirty words, or maybe bloody scene might happen so read on your own risk.

5.Strictly no plagarism and re-post without my permission. 

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Lastly, have fun with Baekhyun!

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Chapter 1: Oh, I didn't know it ended.
A person who can so easily kill off the family member and country people of the person they claim to love does not have any love whatsoever in them.
He didn't love her. He came with a plan all along.
Thanks for writing.