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To Nayeon, if you ever asks what the craziest thing would a best friend do, she could say was marrying her crazy and silly friend who live his life as if no tomorrow and whom she thought might be gay, Byun Baekhyun. To Baekhyun, marriage is a phase. He can live forever but marriage is pure. He would never make it a joke. Screw that. He would not even consider it but that might be different especially when he going to marry his best friend, Kim Nayeon. 


a broken hearted girl who seek for ex revenge and the boy who has no better job to do than to produce a heir for his family. 


"Baek... Should we get married instead?" 

Baekhyun smirks. "Shall we?" 



Hello! if you are a new reader, welcome to this story. If you are old one, you are also welcomed! I have decided to re-write this story in different au. The old reader might know what the story was and I decided to re-write and do much better plot than before. This story is not the 1st time I ever write about Baekhyun thus you can expect some pretty details about Baekhyun in here. Anyways, my inspiration to write the story come from Hype Boy by NewJeans, Bloodline by Ariana Grande and Love Again by Baekhyun.



1. The plot is cliche, might cause you diabetes or too much drama thus do stop reading if you hate too much cheese and sweetness. 

2. Slow update might happen in the middle of story as I am also working with other stories at the same time thus do have some patience.

3. Any scene that familiar or similar are coincidential and inspiration based only.

4. Some chapters will be marked rated M just in case. It's not really a mature content so do read carefully! 

4.Strictly no plagarism and re-post without my permission. 


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