Dear Husband, Chanyeol.

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Irin never thought her ex stalker put that in bracket named Park Chanyeol is now in her life for life.

Chanyeol was no longer the nerd but is a CEO of the big company called NNG Entertainment that major in mass production of music. His big spectacles have changed with pair of grey contact lens, his baggy pants are no longer on his legs as its now covered with tight pants that perfectly shows his firm which Irin sure she did manage to catch on a few times. Blame her flirty eyes to do so. Chanyeol also is no longer shorter than her but he is a giant and he can even look down to Irin without spare a glance.

and that fact comes with the reality that Irin must face...


Chanyeol is her husband now.


Hello! It's me again with another idk when will I ever can mark complete on my stories lol. This time I want to write Noona au so bad and it has to be Chanyeol since I never wrote about him yet you will probably said... "Its the same like what you said about Sehun!" yeah you are right as I mostly write stories on Baekhyun lol. We will see how you guys want to read this one okay? 



1. If you know me and my writing style, there will be plotwist, unexpected or surprise one. It depends how you call it also no much drama intended as it will be whatever you read. 

2. The story probably will be short chapter like drabble or cut scene. I am not planning to make it concrete story that has consequence storyline 

3. Any scene that familiar or similar are coincidential and inspiration based only. For characters, I don't own them thus the charateristics in the story are not reflecting them in real life.

4.Strictly no plagarism and re-post without my permission. 

5. Since the story is just a base for now, I will change the description anytime soon! Depends really. 


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