ITZY oneshots


A bunch of short oneshots of various itzy ships uwu

requests open! 

please leave prompts as well!

hi! please dont hestitate to leave prompts, i'm lacking inspiration to write new things so please comment below what you think should be written about your ship!


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Ash-LaoSiow #1
Chapter 5: This 2shin TAT
Ash-LaoSiow #2
Chapter 19: Thank you for all of this author-nim! You definitely made my day
Chapter 19: Yejisuuu 🥺
Chapter 4: This is so cuteee!! 🥰
Chapter 3: Okay yejisu as parent, this is so cutee
Setfiretoawolf #6
Chapter 4: More Yuna x ITZY? I’d like to see more of the worried unnies for their little one.
Abel_jungstar #7
Chapter 19: Uwuuu Yeji and Lia are just too much for my heart🥺♥️
Chapter 9: omg lia x chaeryoung is sooo cute can you do more plsssss <3
vibuingu #9
Chapter 14: ‘knitting with dog hair’ killed me
aglaonema #10
Chapter 18: My fave is ryujisu ❤️