Chapter 5

Maple High
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It was evening and the classes were done for the day. Everyone rushed out of their classes and so did Baekhyun, J hope and Jungkook. They were talking about some project work when Sehun came out of nowhere, throwing his bag at Baekhyun.

“Follow me” was the only thing he said. Baekhyun couldn’t rebel him. He just nodded, trailing behind him as he holds his oh so heavy bag. Then boy don’t even pay attention in class, what’s the point of carrying so many books.??

The other two signed but stiffened up immediately when they felt someone, more specifically three people behind their backs. J hope growls as he felt the two wrapping their hand around his shoulder as he walks away and Jungkook, he just timidly looks up at his bully.

“Ya..what is your name.??”

“ My name is Jungkook.”

“Hmm..But I don’t like it. You kind of look like a rabbit. So that’s it. I am going to call you rabbit from now on. Rabbit, bring my bags and follow me”

Rabbit..??!! Till when he is going to hear that nickname of his.??

Jimin was waiting for Chanyeol to get his car when he sees Baekhyun, following Sehun to his car. Didn’t he say that no one is going to bully Baekhyun? He furiously made his way to Baekhyun, snatched away his bag from his grip and threw it to sehun.

“Woah..woah..Its Gucci boy. It’s my favorite “

“Didn’t I tell everyone that no one should bully Baekhyun??”

“Not everyone…You only made Chan stop bullying him and let me tell you something. I am not your boyfriend for you to tame.”


“Jimin, get in” Jimin turned his head to find Chanyeol in his car, window down, looking at them with fire.

Chanyeol was angry. Just because he kept his word to his boy will make him a weakling?? All this wouldn’t have started if it wasn’t for that peanut. When Jimin gets in, he throws one last glare at Baekhyun before lifting the glass up and zooming away.



Summer is gone and spring came, cherry blossoms blooming making the city pleasant and beautiful. In these few months, nothing much changed in Maple. Chanyeol, as promised to his still boyfriend, stopped bulling the commoners. But not Sehun, Taehyung and of course Kai and Lay. Sehun took Chanyeol’s place to bully Baekhyun while Taehyung had Jungkook. Kailay just have their fun bulling J hope. But the commoners were fine with it because those brats only made them work, nothing like the one they experienced when they entered Maple. Baekhyun’s friendship with Jimin and Taehyung only grew stronger. Shopping, hanging around, eating, they do many things together. They even stay overnight at Baekhyun’s dorm and their friendship was obviously not approved by Chanyeol. He still finds Baekhyun annoying, clingy and clumsy. Baekhyun would always run away from him whenever they meet without Jimin, but he sometimes gapes at Chanyeol and Jimin, jealous of them or maybe of only Jimin.

It was another normal school day, Chanyeol and his group, as always in the back of the class, goofing around without paying attention to the class while Baekhyun as always, sitting with Jungkook who is scribbling everything the teacher was explaining and glancing then and then at Chanyeol. The class was boring as usual and the whole class wasn’t in a mood either. Sehun was spacing out, looking out of the window when he suddenly spotted a Harley Davidson parked in the collage grounds. Sehun was so enthralled by the bike wondering who the hell are daring enough to park it in the freaking school grounds crossing the parking lot. Just then a guy in Balmian leather jacket and ripped black jean, with a helmet on, came out of nowhere, hoping onto it and driving away. He didn’t get to see the guys face, living him wondering who the one being in the helmet was. Recess came and the rumors of a new guy joining Maple started spreading around. Maple was never the one the break the rules but this time, there were sure many changes. Maple never takes new students in the middle of the year and now, looks like a new student is going to come.

The very next day, Sehun finds the same bike again, but this time in the parking lot AND in Chanyeol’s place. oh-oh..That’s a mistake. The bike wasn’t alone. There was a guy sitting on it. He wasn’t wearing leather jacket like yesterday, instead, he was in there school blazer. So this must be the transfer student, Sehun wondered. Taking of his leather glows, the guy took off his helmet one swift move making his honey brown fringes sway along with the air. Sehun finally got to see his face when the guy got down, swinging his Louis Vuitton onto his left shoulder. He wasn’t as tall as Sehun but sure was well built. He had features too innocent, his cat eyes, button nose and those thin lips. But his ripped jean and black Adidas paired with all those black accessories on his hands just told his that he is far from being innocent. Everyone was in awe looking at the new student but the brunette didn’t give a damn about them and made his way towards the school office leaving the whole student body gaping at his back for his boldness to park in The kingka’s place.

“woooo..He is good looking, man. Is he the new transfer student..??” Sehun snapped out of his trance when he heard Kai’s voice beside hi

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