Chapter 17

Maple High
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Chanyeol sits by his private pool, deep in his thought, holding the book he gave him. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. He read it so many times by now that he can’t even count it on his fingers. He was never a book lover but he just loved that book. True love is sure a wonderful thing. He didn’t know why but he felt so happy today. He dives into deep thoughts, recalling how Baekhyun described love. It was so he didn’t know till now what love meant. He had spent almost 2 years with Jimin. He did have boyfriends and girlfriends before. Jimin was the only one who he stayed with for so long. They started dating because he found him unique, but actually, Jimin is just like him. Then why did he find him unique..?? Because it’s hard to find someone like him. He knows it too well, that the Jimin he sees is not the real one. He needs make-up to cover up because their society thought him who he is isn’t enough. He himself does it but Baekhyun doesn’t hide. He is like refreshment to him, away from his world. He makes him feel like a newborn..?? Facing the world from a completely new angle. In fact, nobody, as in nobody knows till now that he aspired to be an idol. Not even his parents, his close friends, and Jimin, nobody knew it. Baekhyun was the first one he shared his inner feelings with and it feels good. Good to be with someone that is not from his world. His relationship with Jimin started because he liked him but it continued because of their parents. Chanyeol was fine with it because he was already dating him. But this new development in his life makes him wonder, is Jimin really his soul mate.??


Suho reaches home late, too late for someone’s liking. He walks into the house, kicking his boots off near the main door. He strolls lazily into the kitchen and pulls out a pitcher of water from the refrigerator. He pours it into a glass and gulps down the whole content when he hears a voice from the dark side of the house.

“Where have you been..?” spoke the deep voice.


He tsks at him and it was clearly evident that he wasn’t satisfied with that answer.

“I know that you were out but where were you till this late..??”

Suho ignores his questions and walks toward the stairs when the latter holds his hand, firmly halting his steps.

“I asked you a question.”

“And I already answered you. But why do you care, it’s none of your business anyway.” He snaps, too harsh for him. He let go of Suho’s hand that instant and he walks away. The taller wasn’t used to his rude behavior. He was so soft and now, he regrets being a jerk to him.


It was a weekend and Jimin was having his time with his beauty treatment in a salon. He was getting a foot massage when he got a call from Suga.

“Hey, Suga. What’s up..??”

“Ha-ha, trying to imitate Chanyeol..??”

“Maybe...That’s how he greets right.??”

“Yeah, actually…Jimin, are you free tonight.??”

“Hmm, Why..??”

“There is a dinner I am attending and I need you to be with me.”

“Dinner..?? What dinner..??”

“A dinner with my father and his family.”

“R...Really.?? But how...I mean who..”

“Jin hyung. He spoke to them about it and they accepted to have me for dinner. I am just .. you know...Scared to face them alone.”

“It’s ok, I will come with you. Remember I promised you that I will be there to support you..?? Just pick me up from the Seoul beauty salon in the evening. Ok..??”


He ends the call and turns his

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