Chapter 11

Maple High
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*This picture is literally them taking vows and my heart..just..;(Screams in NamJin)*

Soon the weekend comes and so do Namjoon’s engagement party. Since it was a Saturday morning, Suga simply sits on his couch, sipping onto an Americano watching a rerun of a soccer game when he gets a call from Chanyeol.

“Hey Bro. Whatcha doing..??”

“Nothing, just lazing around. Why..?”

“I actually forgot to invite you to a party. You have to come.”

“Oh come on Chanyeol, you know how much I hate those parties.”

“Cool down man. It’s not like those typical parties I host, this is gonna be a boring engagement party. But I have to go because it is my favorite hyung’s party. Everyone is coming, even J hope, Jungkook, and that Baekhyun. You should also come man. I want to introduce you to my hyung.”

“Arasoo then. Just text me the address and I will be there.”


Grand Hyatt Seoul was the venue for the extravagant party held by the one and only Kim Namjoon or most popularly known as RM, the young CEO of BigStar entertainments, The best entertainment company in South Korea. The company produced many artists over years and everyone turn out to be the best. Then entrance to the venue was filled with reporters flashing cameras on either side of the carpet onto which every artist from the company walks. A Limo stops and gets down BTS, the boy band that debuted under the company who washed out the world with their music followed by their seniors, EXO, who are the everlasting kings of KPOP. Girls generation, Wannaone, Red Velvet, Super Junior, Black pink, Big Bang, GOT7, IU, Big marvel, SHINee, Lee min ho, Kim So Hyun, Park Shin Hye, and the list goes on and on, everyone who is part of the company.

Soon the party started and everyone has a good time. Chanyeol and the rest of the group come one by one and congratulate their beloved hyung for finally making it official with the love of his life. The guys stand together, sipping their champagne. There was a slight tension between Chanyeol and Sehun, but they decide to ignore it for the day and the rest sit together, gossiping. Suho was there too and they are more than glad to have him with them. But Lay wasn’t. He didn’t want that boy to be on good terms with his friends but here he is, already becoming part of their group. Baekhyun was all keyed up the whole time, finding the whole entertainment industry in front of his own eyes. Jungkook stares at Taehyung who just ignores him. Ever since that day, Taehyung became indifferent towards him. He admits that it hurts; it hurts to not have Taehyung around him all the time. Taehyung can feel the stares that Jungkook was giving him, but he can’t do anything. He wanted him to stay out of his life so he is doing what he wants. He walks to the counter to get some drinks, feeling uneasy under his intense stare. He waits as the bartender prepares his drinks when a glass of Original Mai Tai appears in front of him.

“Excuse me. I didn’t order this.”

“I ordered it.” Comes a reply from a guy, sitting beside his in his ash-gray suit, having the same.

“Sorry, but do I know you..??”

“My bad. I am Park Seo Joon and I know you are Kim Taehyung. Our parents are business partners. They just pushed me here so that I can get to know you and all. You know what that means. I am fine with it because who will not like the beauty standing in front of me” He speaks with a smirk plastered on his lips. Jungkook sees the whole episode and he finds his blood boil in jealousy. He can see that Taehyung looks pale all of a sudden but he just can’t go himself to rescue. So instead he sends Baekhyun, who straight then takes Taehyung away from that guy. Taehyung sits back in his chair, still looking pale, so Sehun offers him a ride home, but he denies it. He doesn’t want a miss such an important day in Namjoon’s life. Soon everyone settles down when Namjoon and SeokJin get onto the stage but Suga was still nowhere to be found. Xiumin becomes the official MC of the day, Starts off the speech.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Today we have gathered to celebrate the engagement of Mr. Kim Namjoon and Mr. Kim Seokjin. Let’s give a big round of applause congratulating the beautiful couple.”

Everyone cheerfully applauds the new couple. “Hyung and hyeongsu. I love you.” Kai shouts out of nowhere, making everyone laugh.

“Well, that was an unexpected love confession. Anyway, now I would like to invite our groom to speak few words.”

Namjoon takes the mic from Xiumin, holding onto his glass and smiling at everyone.

“Well, first of all, we love too you Kai.” He says and Kai just jumps out of his chair, throwing a flying kiss at Namjoon. He just chuckles at his little friend and continues with his speech.

“Where should I start?? Jin, the one I have

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