Our Destiny

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[CONTENTID1]When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far, and nobody can keep them apart. Destiny will always bring them together. A story of a rich idol and a poor commoner boy. [/CONTENTID1]



Oh Sehun


Handsome, cold and arrogant.

Lead rapper and maknae of EXO.

Min Luhan


Sweet, innocent, and naïve.

A Chinese-Korean boy who is an orphan.

Kim JunMyun


An upper middle class kinder garden teacher with kind heart.

EXO’s Lay fiancee.

Byun BaekHyun



An actor on raise.

EXO Chanyeol’s Co-star in his debut movie which bought him to fame.




A seven member Chinese- Korean boy band formed by SM entertainments.

Quadramillion sellers and the most popular KPOP group at the moment.


More characters reveled later[/CONTENTID2]



[CONTENTID1]Author’s note:

Hello you.!!

It’s 4 am in the morning and I just couldn’t stop myself from posting this foreword. So, this is my second story and its mpreg. So if you are not into this genera, you are free to leave, but if you are here for it, then you did a really good job clicking on this story. I am a really big fan of heavy angst and I like my stories a bit gloomy, like how the bottom is so soft and the top is a bit arrogant. I actually wanted it to be a normal one but then I thought why I don’t just make it into something more interesting. So here is it, my very first boy-boy fanfiction with the ultimate ship, HunHan!!! (HunHan never dies and its Hunhan month.!!)

English is not my first language, not even my second language, because I am an Indian and we have tons of languages. 

I do not own Exo (how I wish I can own them) and any other characters mentioned in this story. I do own the characters I created. If this story resemble with any other story it’s just pure coincidence. I don’t do Plagiarizium and nobody should do mine. So that’s it… please subscribe, vote and comment if u like it. happy reading.!!![/CONTENTID1]



Heavy angst



Jerk and rude Sehun

Sweet and soft Luhan

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And that ends this story.!!Thank you for all the love and support you guys gave me. Iwill always cherish it!! There is an Yoonmin Ver of this story.. U can check it out. I will be back with more angst really soon:))


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Palak27 #1
Chapter 1: Omgg I have read this story on wattpad. I knew I have read it somewhere! It’s a masterpiece!
Palak27 #2
I am a heavy angst fan myself! Always been a er for good angst! I have a feeling I’ll enjoy it a lot! Gonna start it now!

I hope you’re doing well author! Stay safe!
Chapter 36: I had a blast reading this thank you so much this will always be in my heart and I might come read it agin in the future lol but for now thank you so much for the angsty adventure
Chapter 32: No the was so good it like made me feel their love nice job, also I can’t believe I’m almost finished I what like twenty more chapters lol
Wait hi I saw my name so I was a bit surprised but I love a cute bottom and a dominant so this is my type of story lol
Chapter 30: It will be more meaningful if Sehun in this chap is wearing the blue knitted scarfs.
Let me have my own moment here.
Chapter 2: Poor lulu. T.T
Love it?? Upvote!!!!!
Chapter 36: I cried while reading this story in the middle of night till 4am. This is a really good story and I have longings this kind of angst of this pair. I love this story. Thank you author-nim :) Please write more..
Chapter 36: Awwww so cute .thank u for the good work author