Chapter 3

Maple High
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The main gate of Maple high was huge, golden rods standing high. The bright summer sky and leaves flying by the breeze from the trees on both sides just made it look even dreamier. In front of the concrete standard, a boy stood with his mouth ajar, reading the golden word of Maple school and university engraved on it. He was wearing a baggie hoodie with a beanie and those chubby cheeks just made his look adorable. He enters the campus, but gets dazed at the size of it. He aimlessly wandered around, not able to find his way to the school office. Just when he was about to give up, he bumped into someone. They both start to bow ninety degree and apologize to each other until they heard a voice speak.

“Hey…Are you two ...Scholarship students...?”

They both looked at each other and then to the guy who spoke out, nodding.

“Oh..Nice to meet you .My name is Jung Hoseok but you can call me J hope. I am in sophomore year. You too..??”

Again those two only nodded their head. J hope waited for them to speak until he spoke again.

“So.. Aren’t you guys going to introduce you self to me.??”

“Oh..Sorry. My name is Jeon Jungkook. Nice to meet you.”

The guy in glasses spoke and glanced down onto the boy next to him waiting for his reply.

“My name is Byun Baekhyun. Nice to meet you.”

The three scholarship students somehow found their way to the office. Coming out, they thought of checking out the school campus since their classes start from next week. J hope wanted to find swimming pool but Baekhyun and Jungkook wanted to find the library. Soon the school bell rang for the lunch break and students who rushed out of the classes started whispering about them. Just when they were about to split up, two guys came and stood in front of them, stopping the scholarship students in their track.

“Oh oh oh….look who we got here Lay. I smell commoners.” The tan guy spoke, looking at friend.

“Me too bro…hey Chan..I found you’re prey…want to give them some taste of Maple..?” Kai twisted his head to look back, calling his friend. Baekhyun followed his gaze, which landed on a guy, sitting on an expensive sports car, with a Rubic’s cube in his hands. His eyes were cold as ice which made a chill run down his spine. Baekhyun can also see a boy, sitting so close next to the guy, well, basically he was almost sitting on his lap and he was sure that boy was his boyfriend.

The two friends were still bullying the two boys while Baekhyun took a glance at the guy who now quit glaring at them and was looking down onto his rubic’s cube, swirling it between his hands. He is good looking or maybe extremely good looking and that’s definitely what Baekhyun was thinking. Jimin looked at his boyfriend, who was unusually calm when the other two were grilling the commoners. And he knew what’s going on in his boyfriend’s mind. It’s just the silence before the storm. J hope, finally done with those dorks, stormed away to find his swimming pool but the two friends just followed him , clinging onto him from both side. Chanyeol stood up and left the place, followed by Jimin, not before throwing a glance at Baekhyun and Jungkook.

Baekhyun finally breathed out the air he didn’t know he was holding.

“Looks like they let us go for now. So….you wanted to find the library right..? What do you think about we split up to search and give a call to the other who ever found it first…??”




Baekhyun was the first one to find the library and he was sure amazed by the size of it. He quickly gave Jungkook a call and started strolling in, checking out all the books they have. He didn’

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