Chapter 2

Maple High
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The rest of the classes were spent fooling around, stealing glances at each other, and obviously not paying attention to the teachers. The bell rang and the lunch break came. Students started rushing out of their room, heading to the cafeteria. Jimin just took his books as he made his way to his new locker. Putting his stuff in, Jimin closed his locker only to meet with Chanyeol, leaning onto the locker beside his, hands in his jean pockets, with a smirk plastered on his lips. Jimin had to admit, that smirk just makes this guy look even ier.

“Want to hang out with me?” Chanyeol spoke, snapping him out of trance.

“And why should I??” came his reply with a mischievous grin.

“Because I am The Park and I too have my standards.” He spoke, mocking his introduction from earlier.

“So.... where are we going?”

Flipping back his imaginary hair, Jimin throws a knowing smirk at Chanyeol and walks forward, letting his shoes clicking onto the marble floor.

Shaking his head, Chanyeol kicks himself of the locker and jogs towards Jimin. He holds onto his left wrist, before throwing another one of his signature smirks, and leaning towards his left ear to whisper

“Follow me.”

Chanyeol dragged Jimin , letting the whole corridor have their own imagination.


“Whoa…I missed this place.” Chanyeol exclaims as soon as they get into his hangout place. Emphasizing on the word, his.

“This is my place, no one other than my friends is allowed here. Consider yourself lucky.” Chanyeol says before plopping down into one of the couches.

Jimin glanced around him, registering the appearance of the place. The cabin was classy, with a bar in one corner, indoor games and karaoke in other. The place was fully furnished, making it one awesome place to hangout.

“Yo bro, looks like we have a new addition to our group.”

Jimin snapped his head to the new intruders, more likely a handsome and a beautiful one’s.

Chanyeol stood up and came close to him, letting his right hand naturally wrap around Jimin’s thin waist.

“This is Jimin, Elyxion group from Japan.”

“Whoo…then he should be with us.” Sing sang the pretty boy with his melodious voice.

“Well, welcome to the group. I am Sehun , Oh Sehun. Oh group of hospitals.” The handsome one said, extending his right hand for a handshake.

“And I am Taehyung, Kim Taehyung. Candela & co.” said the pretty boy, pushing Sehun out of his way and launching himself onto Jimin.

Jimin was taken aback, but he was more than happy to make new friends, or maybe someone, something more than that.



A week passed by, just like that. Jimin’s twin, Kai and his best friend Lay also became part of their group. He became so close to the three of them in a very short time. Well, let’s say he got even closer with the tall yoda guy. The closeness between them didn’t escape from the praying eyes of the students. Chanyeol was someone who doesn’t just befriend anyone. Sehun has been his friend since childhood and Taehyung was his cousin. So seeing Chanyeol this close with Jimin just added fuel to the fire, creating new rumors. The billionaire playboy has finally found someone to settle down. It took almost a week for the rumor to fell into Chanyeol’s ears, and he was more than fine with it.

The class was done and group was goofing around before going to their lunch break. Lay was chocking Sehun while Kai, Chanyeol and Taehyung were laughing their off at the poor boy. Jimin was lost in his own thoughts. Of course he heard of the rumors and a tiny piece of his heart wanted it to be true. In the mere week he had known Chanyeol, there was something about him that attracted him. He started to like him, more than a friend.

“Mhmm..Chanyeol, have you heard of the rumors.” Jimin asked, diverting Chanyeol’s attention towards him.

“What rumors..? ha

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