Chapter 8

Maple High
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Chanyeol was on his way home, tired with all the work in his father’s office. Being the one and only heir of Maple, his family wants him to know everything about their business before he takes over the company. So here he was, stuck in the middle of the traffic and his car just had to give up on him. Chanyeol got down from the back seat putting on a long coffee brown coat over his Armani suit. He instructed the driver to take care of his broken Audi and walked into the busy streets of Seoul. After a while, he found himself in front of a place which had golden ‘Café Universe’ written on it. Entering the café, he made himself comfortable in a far most corner. Just when he was about to pull out his phone, he saw someone familiar, making him grab onto a random book from the shelf beside him, hiding his face. It was Baekhyun, standing behind the cash counter and taking orders with a big smile on his face. What is he doing here.?? Oh right, he is a commoner, of course, he is doing a part-time job. He saw him moving around the café, with a tiny book in his hand. He was wearing a coffee brown apron over his coffee brown checks shirt and cream pants. He had his hair down, almost covering his eyes, making him look adorable. Chanyeol smiled when he saw him playing with a kid, who was giggling along with him. He didn’t know how long he was staring. And why is he even hiding..??

“Baekhyun, come here.”

" Yes, Boss.”

“How many times should I say to you to call me Junghyun hyung. It makes me feel old.”

“Ok Junghyun called me.??”

“Yeah...That guy over there in the corner has been sitting there for ages. Just go ask him if he is going to order or not.”


Baekhyun walks towards Chanyeol who disparately tried to hide.

“Excuse me ...Mr.Customer…do you want to order something..?”

“Yeah..yeah..get me one cappuccino and a slice of Oreo cheesecake.” He replied, still covering his face with that book.

“Sure..please wait, I will be back in few minutes. And Mr. Customer.. you are holding the book upside down”

Just like that, he left living behind Chanyeol feeling like an idiot.

By the time Baekhyun came back, Chanyeol wasn’t holding onto the book anymore. His pride is too high for it. Why was he even hiding it in the first place.?

Baekhyun puts down his order down and bows. His eyes go wide when he realizes who it was and immediately makes an attempt to run away only to be pulled by a hand and forcing him to sit in front of the taller.

Baekhyun sat there fidgeting with his dress shirt, sitting in front of that oh so good-looking human being. He hasn’t seen him in a formal suit before and he had to admit, Chanyeol looked unearthly making him feel all giddy in his stomach. Chanyeol was sitting there, crossing his legs and sipping onto his cappuccino. How can someone be so y just sipping his coffee..??

He came back to reality when Chanyeol spoke after placing his cup down.

“Why do you run away every time you see me..?? Didn’t I stop bullying you a long time ago...What am I doing that is making you run away all the time.??”

If only he knows what he does to him, he spoke silently.

“Nothing...Just because.”

“Whatever... So you work in this café..??”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Ya..speak well while I am being nice...Tsk...Alright, get me some interesting books, I am bored.”

This guy. What does he think of himself ordering people around..? Baekhyun grabbed onto all the books that he thinks are interesting and slammed them in front of him. Chanyeol simply opens each book and tosses them back.

“What..? Aren’t there any books with pictures in them? I told you to bring something interesting not these thick books with only millions of letters.”

Is he for real.?? Who the hell differentiate books based on pictures.?

Sighing, Baekhyun pulled out a book from the bottom of the pile and placed it in front of him.

“The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane..?? What is this.?? It’s a kid’s book. Do I look like a kid for you..??”

“You want a book with lots of pictures in it and this book is really good. It’s my favorite book too.”

“Oh really.?? Then I can take a look I guess. What is the story about anyway?”

“It’s about finding true love.” There was a tiny smile on Baekhyun’s lips. He believes in all those fairytales.?? He is so…pure. Complete silence wrapped around them with only their eyes locked with each other. They were in their own world until it was broken by a buzzing ringtone.

“Yes...Come to Café Universe. I am there. OK fine.” Fishing out his I phone X, Chanyeol spoke to his driver.

Ending the call, he stood up placing a couple of bills, and looked down at Baekhyun, who was nervously clenching his hands.

“I have to go. Tell your boss that I am taking this book and you can keep the change. See you in the school.”

Saying that Chanyeol left the place; while Baekhyun just sat there, dazed. What did just happen..??


The finals came and went, everyone tried, they seriously did, but they were somewhere around the pass and fail. It was their last day of sc

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