Chapter 18

Maple High
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Kyungsoo was sitting near the consultant room in Oh hospital, Clenching onto the reports and letting his tears fall free. So many things happened in between. After meeting Jimin, Kai met his father, introducing himself as his boyfriend. At first, he became all anxious, that his boss’s son is dating his blind son but when Kai assured him that everything is going to be fine, he let it go. They became even closer over the cores of time and Kai took him to meet an ophthalmologist, determined to get his eyesight back. Kyungsoo refused to use his money but when he told him it was his father’s, who has been saving for the same reason. He just added a bit but to all frankness, he did add more than a bit. When the doctor told that he does have hope of getting his eyes back, there was no limit to their happiness. They wanted Kyungsoo’s blood for further tests and he gladly accepted. But all his happiness came crashing down when his father died of a heart attack. Apparently, the mild attack he had before came back but this time with full force. He was all fine when he left the house that day but he never came back. Kai was there beside Kyungsoo all the time, giving him support from his loss. When the hospital called after everything was done to get his reports, the result was something that he never expected to be. He is pregnant. His first reaction was to be happy that he is actually carrying their baby. He can’t go through the operation for his eyes because of that reason but he doesn’t care. All that matters now was their baby he is carrying. But it soon became overwhelming when he realizes that Kai was just in his final year of high school. Will he be able to take the burden of being a father so young.?? Will he accept them or get rid of them, he was scared about it. He wipes his tears when he hears fast footsteps approaching him. The familiar sound of footsteps that he recognizes oh so well.

“Kyungsoo-ya, how many times should I tell you to call me before you go out. ?? I was so worried.” Kai takes Kyungsoo into his arms, securing him in his embrace. Kai was always like this. So protective towards him. He became more protective after Mr. Do’s death. Kyungsoo became so sick after that and Kai didn’t want him to be alone. If only he knew the reason behind his depleted health. He hugs back, slightly weeping, making Kai hug him stronger.

Jimin walks into the hospital building with his parents to visit one of their relatives who was admitted to the ICU. He didn’t even know who it was but he just tagged along with his parents.

Kai was still hugging the crying Kyungsoo, kissing his tears away and waiting for him to speak once he is done. A booming voice startles both Kai and Kyungsoo, immediately making them let go of each other. Kyungsoo clenches onto Kai’s shirt while Kai looks up to find his father, looking at him with fire in his eyes. Soon he finds himself locked in an abandoned room in the hospital with his Dad, Mom, and Jimin with a heated tension between them.

“Kim JongIn..!!! Who is that boy..???”

“Honey, Calm down. People might hear us.”

“I don’t care. Ask your son what he was thinking kissing a random boy in public.”

“He is my boyfriend, not any random boy.”

“WHAT..??? Kim JongIn, you are such a disappointment. Is this how I raised you.?? You do know that I was setting up with Mr. Jung’s daughter. I gave you everything you wanted, expensive clothes, cars, money, everything. And you ..?? You are dating that worthless boy.??

“Abeoji, you can yell at me as much as you want, but you are not allowed to speak badly about my boyfriend.”

“Whatever, look here young man. You are getting rid of that boy. If not, you will be disowned. You will lose your right to be my heir. I will cut your entire cards and take all of your cars away from you.”

“Is that how you are

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