Chapter 12

Maple High
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It was a Saturday morning when Jimin decided to knock on Suga’s door with a bag full of groceries. When the door opened, he was staggered at the guy who stood in the front door. It was Suga, in a pair of black t-shirt and gray track pants, with messed-up bed hair, still sleepy and scratching his head. This is not the guy he knows. The one he knew was a cold city guy and this is just a normal teenager on his weekends. Oh no, what will happen to his image in school if all those fans see him like this.??

“Annyeong.” He squeals and that’s when Suga shuts the door in a hurry, making Jimin chuckle.

Suga opens the door after a while, now all freshen up, and smiles awkwardly at him.

“What are you doing here..??”

“I came to make you some porridge.” Saying that he pushes throw him into the house, making his way into the kitchen.


Suga trails behind Jimin and finds him arranging all the grocery bags onto the kitchen counter.

“Your house is a mess. I am going to make you some porridge while you will clean the house. I can see that you are not sick anymore so go clean” he sho him out of the kitchen, and Suga walks out with a sigh.

After almost an hour later Suga was done cleaning his huge condo when he walks back into the kitchen only to find it filled with smoke.

He immediately drags Jimin out of the smoke into his living room and goes to open the kitchen windows.

“Ya...What did you do to my kitchen..??!!”

“I didn’t do anything. I just wanted to make you some porridge.”

“Do you even know how to make one.??”
“I tried Ok..!! Who knew it will burn the whole pot.” He pouted. What did he expect from Kim’s heir.?? Of course, he doesn’t know how to cook.

“OK fine. You wait here in the living room and see some dramas. I am going to cook some proper lunch for us.” He says holding onto both shoulders with a clam voice.

“No... I am going to help you”

“But you don’t know how to cook”

“Then teach me.”

And like that, together, they start cooking in the now clean kitchen. Suga helps him to learn how to cut vegetables. He holds Jimin’s hand from behind and helps him cut and Jimin just stands there, letting him do the job with his flushed cheeks. They have lots of fun cooking and soon the dining table will be filled with delicious food, Kimbap, Doenjang Guk, Kimchi fried rice and all. Jimin can only wonder how Suga can cook these mouth-watering dishes.

They sit together at his dining table and enjoy the food, chatting and laughing away. They spent the rest of the day having a movie marathon. The last movie of the day was Train to Busan, and Jimin just screams at every second, hiding behind his Coke can and munching down his fried chicken. Suga laughs at him, sipping his can of Coke.

“Woah..that was fun..” Jimin shouts outstretching his limbs and Suga follows.

He leans onto the small table in front of the couch and finds a book with a pen between its pages. Jimin takes it into his hand and opens the marked page and reads out

“I remember that moment
Way taller than my height
The brown piano that guided me
I looked up to you
I yearned for you
When I touched you with my small finger
I feel so nice mom I feel so nice
I played the piano wherever my hands took me
I didn’t know your significance back then
Back then I was content with just looking at you.”



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