Chapter 16

Maple High
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It was a normal weekday and the class was all noisy, thanks to Miss Lee taking a day off. Suho was sitting with his group of friends. The couples were sitting together and the single boys were flirting with the school hotties. Suho gets all down, staring longingly at Lay, wondering when he can finally be like Jungkook and Taehyung. He sees a girl trying to flirt with Lay and his mood turns sore when he starts flirting back. It was fine in the beginning but when the girl sits beside him almost leaning her whole body onto him, hell breaks loose. He feels suffocated looking at him so damn close with some other girl. He excuses himself and runs towards the boy’s washroom, locking himself in one of the stalls and crying his eyes out. When he walks out wiping his tears, he stops seeing Lay, leaning right beside the door.

“You cried.??” He asks mockingly as Suho looks away, not wanting to meet his gaze.

Lay holds his chin, forcing him to look at him before he speaks

“Look, you stay or leave, it doesn’t matter to me. So do yourself a favor and leave. “He smirks at him as he walks away, leaving Suho with his eyes stinging.

That night he locks himself in his room, wondering why Lay hates him so much. All he did was loving him. He forgot all the childhood memories they spent together before Lay moved to Korea. Coming there, he saw a whole new Lay. He is still the same guy he was, but not to him anymore. He wanted to work out their relationship. If he is going to be like that, then why should he care..???

The next day Lay finds Suho running on the school grounds, early in the morning. He was sweating from head to toe, but he had no intention of stopping any time now. Lay did felt a bit guilty for saying those hurtful words to him but what can he do.?? He is not going to listen if he doesn’t say it on his face. Fed up, Lay tries to stop Suho by holding him by his collar, he was small in front of him, but his intense glare made Lay let go and he starts running again. He has to do something. The classes are going to start soon and if he let him run like that he will faint at some point. Lay goes into the campus to buy an energy drink from the vending machine and comes back but Suho wasn’t running anymore. He was sitting there with J hope who offers him the same energy drink he bought. He immediately hides behind a tree, blocking himself away from his view. He sees Suho walk away with J hope and he gets a bit pissed. Since that day Suho starts completely ignoring him. He starts hanging out with his friends more and ignoring him more. Lay doesn’t know why but when he used to care, he didn’t give a damn, and now when he didn’t care anymore, why is it bugging him so much..??


It was one of those weekdays when Chanyeol was driving back home after classes but he stops when he finds a familiar face near the bus stop.

“Hey, what are you doing here.??”

“Oh, Chanyeol...I am tagging along with Jungkook, they are going to have some charity invent in Myeong- Dong for an NGO.” Taehyung grins, hugging Jungkook’s arm. Chanyeol glances at the people with them. There was J hope, Suho, and finally Baekhyun. He was holding onto a massive box and Chanyeol is hella sure that he is going to drop it.

“Ok then. I want to join you guys”

“WHAT.??” And Chanyeol was right, Baekhyun did drop the box. Everyone bent down to gather the things fallen and Jungkook looks up at Chanyeol.

“Are you sure you want to join us..??”

“Hmm...Now get in, I will drive you guys to Myeong-Dong.”

They set a small place in the middle of the street. Suho was in charge of singing and Jungkook and J hope were going to dance, while Baekhyun and Taehyung go around collecting the money. Baekhyun was the head of this whole thing and he doesn’t know what he should do with Chanyeol now. What’s wrong with that guy?? Suddenly wanting to do some social work.? He supervises Jungkook and J hope arrange some instruments when he feels someone tapping on his shoulder. He turns back, only to get scared by the masked guy.

“Hey, it's me. No need to get all scared.”

“Chan..???!! What are you doing with that mask and those sunglasses..?? It's evening. Why do you even need those..??”

“ Ya. I am the Park Chanyeol, people will recognize me.”

“As if”

“YA, I am here to help you guys.”

“I never asked you to.”

“Guys calm down. We are all set. Chanyeol, since you are good at rapping, make use of your skills. Go join J hope over there.” Taehyung shoos away Chanyeol toward the boys and drags Baekhyun so they can hold the boxes to start collecting the money.

“Chanyeol know how to rap..??”

“Hmm..he is really good at it. He used to be an underground rapper in middle school. He even used to write songs but after getting to high school, things changed. Chanyeol’s parents preferred him to spend his time more in the office rather than his studio. So he eventually gave up. It’s going to be so long since I saw him rap.” Taehyung smiles as he stares at Chanyeol who is discussing with J hope about the song they would perform. Soon the event starts and Suho was the first to perform. He sings “do you have a moment” as Baekhyun plays the piano. Next, J hope and Jungkook perform together followed by Chanyeol and J hope. Luckily they happened to learn the same song so they perform together with ease.

For Taehyung and Baekhyun, it was a totally new side of Jungkook and Chanyeol. Jungkook had told him once that he is

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