Chapter 14

Maple High
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*The KIM siblings*

The next day Chanyeol finds Baekhyun with a puffy face, swollen eyes, and runny nose. Everyone gets worried about the sudden change in his behavior, but he just ignores all of them. He even pushes Sehun away to the latter’s dismay. At one point Chanyeol catches him glaring at him, but hell, why does he find it cute.?? At the end of the day, Chanyeol feels a bit guilty for saying such hurtful words for him. He went a bit overboard and he admits it. He tries to find Baekhyun on the whole campus but of no use. Then he remembers something. The rooftop greenhouse and he was right. When he reaches the place he finds Baekhyun sitting down hugging his legs pulled towards his chest. He was slightly shivering and he was sure that the boy is crying again. Sighing, he slowly walks to his and taps on his shoulders. Baek looks up and right away springs onto his feet, glaring at the tall being in front of him.

“Woah Woah calm down. What’s with you and glaring all of a sudden ..??”

“Why did you come here..???” he snaps, not really in a mood to see that Yoda.

“Well…I...I actually came for..”

“Stop singing and just tell me why did you come here..??”

“Ya...Give me some time’s not an everyday thing for me to apologize.”

“Oh really, Then take that word back.”

“What word..??”

“The things that you said yesterday.”

“What..., Seduce..??”

“Ya...I told you to take them back, not to repeat them.”

“Ok fine I take them back. I can’t believe that you have been crying over this simple thing.”


“ ears are going to burst. I apologize ok...Now let me treat you with something as a token of my apology.”

Chanyeol takes him to an expensive mall and drags him into a store of Channel. He grabs a bunch of outfits from the rack and shoves them into his hand, pushing Baek into the changing room. Baekhyun comes out in a casual hoodie and blue jeans shorts and simply dismisses away with a wave of his hand, sitting comfortably on the couch with a magazine in his hand. Next comes a patterned jean jacket paired with a white t-shirt and deep blue jeans and Chanyeol shakes his head, disapproving. They spend the next few hours trying different outfits from all brands in the mall and nothing impresses the Maple heir. He finally wears black tight ripped jeans and a deep v necked magenta-colored T-shirt. Baekhyun walks out in a pair of black Converse high, all the way trying to pull up that T-shirt to cover his y collarbones. slowly stands up from his seat, mouth a gap and amazed at the beauty standing in front of him. Who would have that the ugly duckling in his school has a y man hidden behind his covers.? He gulps. Baekhyun wobbles a bit and Chanyeol spontaneously reaches out to hold his hand and that’s when he realizes how gorgeous he is. He had these big eyes, just like a doll, shinning in the light. His tiny face, thin puppy lips, and button nose just add to his beauty. He snaps out when Baek hits him in the shin, still sore from yesterday’s attack.

“Ya...How long are you going to make me try on so many outfits..?? Aren’t you going to decide on one and buy it for Jimin..??”

“For Jimin..?? But we are shopping for you though..??”

“Are you out of your mind..?? Why will even wear these clothes you idiot..!!”

“I told you that I will buy you something as a token of my apology and who doesn’t like shopping..??”

“Me...I don’t like shopping. I don’t waste money over unnecessary things.”

“But I will be the one to buy you though..”

“I told you...I don’t like to waste money…neither mine nor yours. OK...if you really want to repay me then buy me the thing I need. Now follow me.”

Baekhyun drags Chanyeol out of the Gucci store towards Buskin Robbins. Chanyeol brings a Chocolate mousse royale ice cream for himself and a very berry strawberry ice cream from Baekhyun. Baek immediately pushes away the ice cream and glares at Chanyeol.

“What now.??”

“Who told you to buy me a strawberry ice cream..?? I don’t like strawberries.”

“You don’t like strawberries..??”

“Yes, you got a problem with that.?? now give me that chocolate and go buy yourself another one.” He snatches away his ice cream and walks away and Chanyeol stands there, remembering the time when he offered him a drink in the school cafeteria. So he rejected his drink because he doesn’t like strawberries, not because he gave it. A smile makes its way onto his lips but he snaps out, shaking his head. Why does he care about it anyway? But then again, Baekhyun is so different. He star

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