Our Destiny (Yoonmin Ver.)

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when two people are meant for each other,

no time is too long, no distance is too far and no one can keep them apart.

Destiny will always bring them together


A story of a rich idol and a poor commoner boy.



Min Yoongi


Handsome, cold and arrogant.

Lead rapper of BTS.


Park Jimin


Sweet, innocent, and naïve.

A Chinese-Korean boy who is an orphan.



Kim SeokJin


An upper middle class kinder garden teacher with kind heart.

BTS RM’s fiancé



Kim Taehyung


An actor on raise.

BTS Jungkook’s Co-star in his debut movie which bought him to fame.






A four member Korean boy band formed by BigHit entertainments.

Richest and the most popular KPOP group at the moment.


More characters revealed later


Author's Note





Ok, so I was just scrolling through my phone, reading a couple of manga’s and taking in my daily dose of boy’s love when I just suddenly craved for some Yoonmin and just googled for some pics and I DIED OF FEELS.!!! I just don’t know why I love them so much but I just love them soo much..;(((( they just looked so lovely and I just…my heartu… So I decided...I will just post the Yoonim Ver of my HunHan story to satisfy my cravings. So here you go, some angsty Yoonmin drama( well I do plan on making stories for my other best OTP Namjin.!! (Did I tell you that Namjin are my foster parents while Chanbaek are my biological.?? *sorry mom*) but its gonna take some while soooo..this is it, for now,>//<


English is definitely not my first language, hell, it is not even my second. Peaks of being an Indian.

Please vote, subscribe, and comment. I do not own BTS ..(How I wish I can own them) but I own the characters that I created. If this story resembles any other story it’s just pure coincidence. I don’t do plagiarism and nobody should do mine. Happy reading..!!!

Please do comment, don't be silent readers, I would love to know what you feel about this story!!!


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Chapter 3: I'm so happy I took your advice and read this ... it was honestly the best fanfiction I have ever read in my life. Seriously tho, when Taehyung likes Suga and is obsessed with him, I was like ... ugh, the feels. Then when Jungkook confesses to Taehyung about liking him. Let me just say, I died on the spot :) And the Namjin was simply the best. I loved when Jin asked Jimin to be his bridesmaid. Such a good choice in my opinion! Don't even get me started on the Yoonmin feels running through me. The plot twist where Jimin was the one writing the letters ... I didn't see that coming. It was beautiful and amazing and I fell head over heels for all of the characters. You portrayed them perfectly in my opinion and the way you formed the situation and the problems. Being solved but not getting better until the very end. It was simply dazzling to read and I couldn't stop until the end. It was beautiful ... God, I'm crying. I loved it. FIGHTING!!!
Nadz_Jay #2
Chapter 3: I cried .. oh my heart ... it's so beautiful ..... love the story so much ....
richly #3
Chapter 3: tt i never regret coming back here .. God yoyr story so wonderful and amazing i love it .???? i would like to recommend your stories in twitter if you want ?? ..
MinPragna #4
Chapter 2: This story is soo beautiful . It made me cry ??? but I'm happy for them . my yoonmin heart?????
Chapter 3: I came here in aaf for some steamy namjin now here I am left crying for yoonmin. This was great- honestly the amount of grammars mistakes threw me off at first but in the end I just ended up getting into the story and bawling at the end. now I think one of my nose (holes?) is clogged