Our Destiny (Yoonmin Ver.)
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Chapter - 缘分Yuanfen

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“Jimin, clean table no 5..the customers are waiting’’ shouted Kyungsoo, his coworker in the café

“Neh’’ Jimin shouts back as he rushes to the table. It was already late night but there were still lots of customers. it was a weekend after all. After cleaning the table he hurriedly went behind the counter to take the orders.

Jimin works in one of the best cafes in town. He is timid, he barely speaks to the people but he can act all fine with the customers which was the only reason he was still not kicked out. Jimin used to work for so many part-time jobs before; he even worked at a pub late at night after his job at café was done, just so that he could earn more for the expensive treatment of his grandfather. But he left them all after his grandfather died a couple of months ago. After quitting those jobs, he started working overtime at the café, to distract himself from this world. He was an orphan; his parents left him with his grandfather who worked so hard to give Jimin a bright future until he got a and went into a coma. Jimin was just a final-year high school student when that happened. Since that day he started all those part-time jobs to bring his grandfather back to life, but all his effort just made him lonely in the end.


“Kyungsoo , two caramel latte with a chocolate fudge doughnut and blueberry cheesecake please” he shouts the order to the guy inside. When he was about to turn around, the TV screen caught his eyes, showing MAMA awards. The award ceremony was at its end and the last one to give away was the Best Artist of the Year. He sticks his eyes to the screen; thank god there weren’t any orders to take. Jimin smileS wide when they announce the winner to be BTS as they receive the award they deserve.

“Stop fanboying already, you never smile like that to the customers in the café, but you smile for those guys out there…whoa…now stop grinning like that and start cleaning the café. It’s already 11:30 pm, we are heading home now. Make sure you lock the café properly before you leave” shouts his boss.

‘’And haa, off that TV before you start cleaning. I don’t want my café to be untidy tomorrow. Understood..??”

Jimin blushes a little, embarrassed. He starts bowing, repetitively apologizing to his boss who just shook his head and left the café. Jimin turns around and finds that the ceremony was already over so he just turns off the TV and starts cleaning the café.


“We won another award boys!!! We worked hard, congratulations” shouted RM, that one awesome leader of that one awesome boy band, as they clicked their glasses together.

After the award ceremony was done, they came back to their dorm to celebrate their achievement .You wouldn’t believe it but they were all in PJ’s , with party hats on their heads, with colorful balloons all over the place, and cakes ,chips, and orange juice on the table. They were playing like kids wiping cream on each other faces and dancing to girl group songs. Suga just couldn’t believe the sight in front of him. s are acting like they came for a five-year-old birthday party. He felt even more annoyed seeing Kim Taehyung with them giggling like crazy. When will this boy stop clinging to him? He met Taehyung at the premiere of their maknae Jungkook’s movie and since then, this guy has kept following him. Suga understood that Taehyung fell head over heels for him, but he doesn’t have any feelings for the latter except treating him as a friend. He wanted to reject Tae so bad but he didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so Suga just left him to realize on his own. But this boy just doesn’t understand. Even BTS found him irritating in the beginning but later accepted him, thanks to his charming box smile and aegyo. They started to treat him like Suga’s boyfriend even though he never accepted him. Suga was staring at them sitting on the leather sofa wearing a jeans and black v neck tee-shirt when suddenly Taehyung plops down beside him with a chocolate cake.

“Yoongi-Hyung~~ ,it’s your favorite flavor. Why don’t you have some??”

Suga felt even more annoyed now. He just wanted to have few cans of beer and sleep the next whole day since they don’t have a schedule tomorrow. He closes his eyes briefly to control his anger before he lashes out in front of Tae. He takes his coat and a car keys lying on the table and walks up to the front door to put on his shoes.

“Ya, where are you going??”Shouted his manager. 

“I don’t want to be in this kid’s party anymore.I am going out and you” pointing his finger to Tae “don’t follow me. Hyung, I am taking your car keys”.

“Ya, who gave you permission to take my car keys .Come back here.”

“Hyung, let him be, you know he wouldn’t listen to us,” said J hope while sipping his orange juice.

“Aish this kid”


Suga went straight to a conventional store to buy few cans of beer .He covers his face with a black mask so that no one could recognize him. He is a kinda expert in that. He started sipping onto his beer while driving to nowhere in particular. He finishes five cans but he was still stable with his driving. Suga has a high tolerance of alcohol, he can still act, talk and walk like a normal person, but he would not remember a single thing that happened when he was drunk.


It was around 1 when Jimin finished cleaning the café. He was so tired with all the work today that he doesn’t even have the energy to walk home. Changing back to his normal clothes, Jimin comes out and locks the café. He double-checks if it’s locked properly or not otherwise his boss would be killing him. He slowly started walking towards his small apartment. Even though it's midnight, he is used to walking home at this hour. The street lights were lit and the sky was bright with stars. Jimin was walking on the footpath looking at the bright sky above him when suddenly he hears a car scratching sound and turns around to find a car hit the divider. The road was empty with no other sole. He rushes to the car and starts knocking onto the window but the glasses were tanned, so he couldn’t see who is inside. Suga was watching the beautiful guy knocking onto his car window. Whoever that boy was, he is so damn gorgeous. His big sparkling eyes, cute nose, and those kissable lips. Just looking at them makes him want to kiss those pink putty lips. His mind was clogged with alcohol and he isn’t thinking straight. He just lets the lust take over his brain as he smirks. Suga unlocks the door before falling onto the steering wheel, pretending to be totally wasted and about to pass out. Seeing the door unlocked, Jimin immediately opens it, only to get freeze upon seeing who is inside. It’s BTS’s Suga or should I say Min Yoongi, the student of Seoul arts high school who stole his heart all those years ago.


Jimin was standing in front of the entrance of his new school. Because of his good academics; he got accepted as a scholarship student into Seoul arts high. He slightly shivers at the thought of how people are going to treat him. Taking in a long breath, he enters the school but all the courage he gathered up goes into thin air when he feels people's piercing stares on him. He drops his head low, trying to avoid them as he starts walking towards the office. On his way, he bumps into someone and falls on his . He clenches his eyes shut waiting for that someone to lash out at him but nothing came. He slowly opens his eyes, only to find a boy, around his age, offering him a hand with a tiny smile. Just looking at his smile, Jimin’s breathing hitches in his throat.

“Are you ok, did you get hurt somewhere??” the boy knees down when Jimin takes time to accept his hand. Seeing him this close, Jimin could feel butterflies in his stomach. He gets even more nervous when that boy tries to touch his hand, to check for any scratches.

“Min Yoongi, what are you doing there??We have to go to the class. We are already late. Come on.” a guy shouts from a distance.

Taking it as an opportunity, Jimin immediately stands up as he shutters “I.. I.. I am sorry..i..h.have to go now”. he bows a couple of times, running towards the office.

Yoongi just shakes his head as he stands up, throwing his hand around his friend’s shoulder.

“Let’s go. We are already late” and started pulling the guy along with him. “Aish...I was the one who told you it's late. You didn’t even realize it and was flirting with that cute boy.”

“Oh come on man..I don’t even know him. Now stop it and let’s hurry up”.

On the other side, Jimin was standing behind a tree, staring at those two guys jogging away. He bites his lips, stopping himself from smiling. He was the first guy who made his heart flutter for the first time... “Min Yoongi” he whispers.


Standing in front of the guy he had been in love with all these years, Jimin couldn’t believe his eyes. He comes out of his daze when he hears Suga groaning in pain.

“Yoo…Suga -shi, are you ok..??”

“I..I..I ..a.am f..fine”.

“How can you be fine.?? You can’t even talk properly. I will find someone to help. Let’s go to the hospital”. He was about to turn around when Suga holds his wrist. A jolt to electricity ran up his hand, making him feel the same butterflies he felt when they met for the first time.

“I..I..c..can’t go to the hos..hospital and nobody should see me in this s..state”

“I..I.. understand. Then we should call your manager so that he could come and take you back to the dorm”

“My..My phone is out of battery and I..I don’t remember his number”.

“Than what should we do now..?”

“Can’t you take me..??”


“Can’t you take me back to the dorm”

Jimin didn’t think twice before helping him into the passenger seat and asked Suga to type his address in the navigator. He knows how to drive, he learned it so that he can be a designated driver. What he doesn’t know is that it was the address of his private apartment, not the dorm. By the time they reach their destination, Suga had already passed out. The lift was out of service so Jimin didn’t have another choice but to drag the unconscious guy all the way to his apartment on the 18th floor. He asks for the password and struggled to open the door with one hand while holding onto Suga with the other. After opening the door, he drags Suga in. Just when he closes the door, Suga suddenly stands up all straight and locks Jimin between him and the now-closed door. Jimin was too stunned to give any reaction. He was unconscious all this while, when did he even wake up ?? Suga smirks seeing Jimin frozen.

“You are too innocent. How could you try to save a hot-blooded drunken young guy like me when you are so damn gorgeous ? ?I didn’t expect you to be this easy.”

Listening to his words, Jimin comes back to his sense, staring at him in horror. He couldn’t understand what’s going on.

“Wh..what d..do y..you ..mean??” he was shaking looking into his eyes. He was clenching onto his baggy shirt tightly to stop his hands from trembling.

“I mean ,I didn’t expect you to fall this easily into my trap” saying that Suga crushes his lips onto him, kissing him roughly. His left-hand goes around Jimin’s thin waist while he holds his nape firmly with his right hand. Jimin starts hitting onto his chest to break free from his grip. He was too weak, he just couldn’t empower the strong grip of Suga. Tears started to fall from his eyes onto his pale cheeks. Suga starts on to his bottom lip for entrance, but Jimin doesn’t open up. Frustrated, he bites onto his lips, making Jimin open in pain, which Suga uses as a chance to deepen his kiss. He finally pulls away when both of them run out of air. Suga just stole Jimin’s first kiss.

“Suga... Yoongi-shi..,p..please don’t do th..this. I.. am begging you.” Jimin was crying, hitting his chest with no power.

Suga just stares at his beautiful face, still trying to catch his breath as he bends down to whisper.

“You look ier with those shimmering eyes now.” saying that Suga leans down as he starts attacking his neck.

Jimin couldn’t take it anymore, he just can’t do anything. It’s too overwhelming. He eventually stops hitting his chest because it was just a waste of his little energy. Jimin looks into Suga’s eyes filled with lust but there was something in his eyes that’s captivating. Suga was, is, and will be his love and he had never expected to be in such an intimate moment with him. It was something like a dream come true and Jimin wanted to be in it. He wanted to cherish the moment, who knows if he will ever get a chance to see Suga again. Yes, what he is about to do is wrong, totally wrong; he is practically taking advantage of a drunk guy but he doesn’t care anymore. He wants to be selfish, selfish for once in his life, and pretend to be in a love-filled life.

Jimin takes Suga’s face into his small hands as he tips toes up to smashes their lips together for another kiss which totally the latter. They finally end up in the bedroom and just like that, he let Suga take his first time away.


The bright sun rays seep through the window as it hits the sleeping Jimin. He slowly opens his eyes only to see the guy sleeping soundly next to him. All the scenes that happened last night came crushing onto him just by staring at that guy as tears slowly start to fall down. He tries to sit up but the pain in his lower part made him bite his lips, preventing himself from in pain. He doesn’t want to wake Suga. In fact, he doesn’t want him even to know what happened last night. It was a mistake, a mistake Jimin let happened for his selfish reason. His life is too precious and Jimin didn’t want to be the reason crushing it down. He will just get out of that place; get out of his life so that he could go back to his past like nothing happened last night. He slowly stands up, dressing, and cleans the whole place. Just before leaving, he turns around, looking at the man of his life for one last time. He will not regret what happened last night. He will forget everything even though it’s hard, but he will; for him.

Suga wakes up with a massive headache. He slowly opened his eyes and finds himself in a familiar room. He doesn’t remember a thing that happened last night. He tries to put pressure onto his brain but nothing came. How did he end up in his apartment ..??

Just then his phone starts ringing and he picks the call without seeing who it was.

“Yay, Suga..you kid..where are you??” He had to jerk the phone away from his ears, if not he would be deaf by the end of the call.

“Yes hyung?”

“You didn’t come back last night. Even though you don’t have a schedule today, you can’t be out for the whole night. Where the hell are you.?? Come to the dorm right now.” shouted his manager hyung, Sejin, making him throw his sleepiness away. His headache got even worse because of all the shouting. Massaging his forehead with his index finger he replied “Hyung, I am in my apartment. I think I came here after drinking a lot last night. Don’t worry; I am coming back to the dorm.”


It has been two weeks since that incident. BTS got busy with their schedule and Suga got back to his life as if that night didn’t exist at all. He doesn’t even remember anything, but Jimin, he remembers everything. And the most sickening thing for him, he is the only one who knows about that night. After that, his life just got worse. He felt guilty so much so that made him feel suffocating. Seeing his posters almost everywhere wasn’t helping him either. So he decided to move to a place away from all those memories, a small seashore village. Even though it’s hard for him in there, he was glad that there weren’t any scandals. But little does he know what was happening in BigHit.

Staring at the pictures in front of him, Mr. Bang Si Hyuk was trying really hard to control his anger. Almost a week ago, he got information about some scandalous photos of one of his artists. Tracking down the source, he got hold of those photos, but the paparazzi who took those photos weren’t giving up. He threatened of releasing them if he doesn’t get the money he demanded. So to think of a plan, BigHit asked for some time. They had to find a solution as soon as possible. Bang Si Hyuk was good at handling scandals but this was something sensitive and unexpected.

Leaning back in his chair, he closed his eyes as he massages his nose bridge to reduce his headache.

“Where is this idiot right now..??” he asks his personal assistant standing beside him.

“They are now in China for their concert sir. After that, they will be flying to Japan and Malaysia to continue their tour. It will take around a month or more for them to come back to Korea.”

Taking a deep breath, he opens his eyes.

“Find him.”


“Find the boy in this picture before that punk comes back. I want him here as fast as possible. Got it..??”

He was trying to act as calm as possible because he doesn’t want to show his anger to the wrong person. Everyone thinks that he is an easy-going guy but when situations are worse, he can get hot-headed too.

“Yes sir..”


It was a pleasant evening and many families were playing around on the beach since it’s a weekend. Jimin was sitting on the sand, watching the beautiful scenery in front of him with kids running around and playing with their friends. Suddenly a kid falls onto the ground and starts crying. His mother came rushing towards him, hugging the boy to make him stop crying. A tiny smile formed on his lips with a tear dropping from his left eye as his right hand slowly crept onto his still flat stomach. In few more years, he will also be in the same situation. Yes, you guessed it. He is already two months pregnant. Just then the father of that kid came to console the boy and stats tickling, making him laugh and forget all the pain he was crying for. Looking at that, Jimin’s heart clenches as more tears start to fall from his beautiful eyes. He could never give his baby a father and he is the only one who knows who he is.

He immediately wipes his tears away. He shouldn’t be weak anymore. He got to learn about the news when he visited a town two days ago. He fainted while buying the stuff his new boss asked him to. Luckily, someone admitted him to the nearest hospital. The doctor also warned that he is too weak, mentally and physically and there is a high chance of him losing the baby. No, he can’t afford to lose the baby. He has to stop pretending and start really being strong. This baby was a gift, a gift to get away from his lonely life, from his one and only love.

“Excuse me, are you, Mr. Park Jimin.??”

Lifting his head up, Jimin sees a man in a black suit, around his fifties standing in front of him.

“Yes, I am Park Jimin. How can I help you..?”

“My name is Ahn Hyun soo. I am from BigHit entertainments”.

Hearing the word BigHit, Jimin’s breathing hitches in his throat. Why is BigHit looking for him..?? Don’t tell me they got to know about it.

Looking at his expression itself made Mr. Ahn confirm that he found the right one.

“I think I found the right Park Jimin. I want you to follow me to Seoul. Mr. Bang is waiting for you”.

Now he knows for sure that they got to know about it. Why the hell would Mr. Bang Si Hyuk look for him without a reason.?? Biting his bottom lip, Jimin slowly nods his head as his reply.


Standing in front of him was one of the tallest buildings in Gangnam-gu, BigHit Ent., Mr. Ahn took Jimin through a secret door behind the building, to avoid all those fans waiting for their idols to come. He took him to the highest floor, exclusively for the chairman and his assistant himself.

A knock on the door got Mr. Bang to look up from his documents. After giving his permission, the wide door opened reviling his assistant and a young man.

Jimin was holding his breath when they finally entered. The whole cabin was modern, furniture with white, finishing it off with the Black theme of BigHit. There was a long white conference table, paired with white chairs, and two black flower vases filled with white lilies. There was a huge poster of the company’s top artist, BTS covering almost the whole wall, with TXT beside them. He looks around and finally his gaze slowly lands on the man sitting behind the main disk.

“Mr. Chairmen, Mr. Park”. That was the only answer that came out of Mr. Ahn.

He doesn’t need to tell any further, Mr. Bang Si Hyuk already knows everything.

He came round the disk as he takes the main chair of the conference table.

Mr. Ahn leaves the room when the chairman throws him a glance, leaving Jimin all alone.

“Please relax and take a seat, Mr. Park ”.

He gave him a warm smile which made Jimin a bit comfortable. He slowly sits in a chair to the right, squeezing his hands together, biting his lips to control his nervousness.

Mr. Bang slowly passes him the pictures and leans back into his chair, observing the younger’s expressions. With shaking hands, Jimin takes the pictures; the pictures were taken on that day, the day his life was totally messed up. They were the pictures of him and Suga, he holding onto Suga, helping him out of the car, in the apartment basement, and all. They might have been normal ones if not for that one picture that looked like they were kissing, while in reality, Suga was completely leaning on to his neck, acting all wasted. It’s not that a relationship between two boys is unaccepted, in fact, uniual relationships have become as common as biual these days, but still, getting into a relationship, either boy or girl, is a complete no for a raising idol. Jimin double-checks the pictures and he realizes something. They don’t have clear evidence of what exactly happened on that day and he doesn’t want them to know it.


“I just called you to reconfirm what exactly happened Mr. Park? After I get a valid explanation, you are free to leave.” Mr. Bang Si Hyuk finally voices out. It was calm, to Jimin’s surprise.


Jimin started to feel dizzy, and an attack of his morning sickness.

“Not now baby, just not now” he chants in his mind. He needs to get out of this place before Mr. Bang gets to know all the unnecessary details. Gathering all his courage, Jimin lies.


“It’s nothing Mr.Bang. Suga-shi was drunk, and I was just helping him back to his apartment. This photo is taken from a wrong angle. It’s all just a misunderstanding, nothing more, nothing less”.


He was surprised at himself for not shuttering. He just hopes that Mr. Bang will believe in him. But Mr. Bang wasn’t buying it. Jimin was lying and he can just see through that boy, like an open book, one of his talents that made him this successful.

And Mr. Bang was sure, there is something more than Jimin claimed to be.

He didn’t reply, instead, he stared at Jimin, or maybe like burrowing holes on him.

On the other hand, Jimin’s nausea was getting worse and Mr. Bang’s stares are getting him even more nervous. He starts clutching onto the handles, letting his knuckles turn white.

After good five minutes, Jimin couldn’t take it anymore. Pressing his palms against his lips, he dashes out of the room, finding a bathroom and dumping all his stomach content into the toilet. Even after his stomach became empty, the feeling of the puck wasn’t going away.

After almost half an hour, Jimin slowly walks out, feeling dizzy. Mr. Ahn, who saw him rushing out, came towards him, asking whether he was ok. Even before he could reply, Jimin felt his world spinning and the next thing he knows, he was already on the floor, unconscious.

Jimin opens his eyes to find himself in an unfamiliar room. If not for the lingering smell of antibacterial, he would have mistaken it for a luxuries hotel room. After a while, Mr. Ahn enters the room, with a tiny smile on his face.


“You’re awake. Mr. Park, how are you feeling right now?”

“I am fine Mr. Ahn. I think I should go__”

“Mr. Bang is waiting for you to wake up. He has something to….clarify with you.”

The tiny smile is now disappeared replacing it with a serious expression. Jimin right away understood that they got to know about his secret.

After Mr. Ahn left the room, Jimin drops his gaze to his lap. After a couple of minutes, he feels someone’s presence beside him and he stiffens up, upon realizing who it is.


“Can you tell me why you were hiding this biggest secret from me Jimin?”

His warm voice melted Jimin’s glassy eyes. Tears started to fall down forming a pool of water at his chin. Damn hormones. His little cries became more and more until he was sobbing hard.

“Be…Because I love him. I know I sound crazy and you wouldn’t believe me, but I have loved him for so many years already. I love him so much that I am willing to sacrifice myself for his happiness. He was drunk and it was a mistake. So I went away, as far as I could go. I …I just didn’t want anyone to know about…even him…but..now...”


Jimin was trying really hard to stop crying, but he just can’t. The memories of that incident came back making him cry hard if that is even possible. What had he done? He should have known that the paparazzi will always be by his side. He shouldn’t have seen Suga in the first place. He was the one who made all the mess.


Mr. Bang Si Hyuk can only sigh, giving him a box of tissues. He fell into deep thoughts while Jimin tries his best to calm down. After what seemed like an entity, Jimin breaks the silence.


“I will go back, Mr. Bang. Let’s just pretend that this meeting never happened. Fix the scandal and don’t let anyone, I mean anyone, know about what exactly happened. I hope you understand. Then…. I will take my leave.”

He was about to leave the bed when Mr. Bang held his wrist, stopping him in his track.

“Marry him Jimin.”


“I said marry him.”

The atmosphere in the room became heavy with the entry of a certain 174 cm man along with his leader. Jimin couldn’t just believe his eyes. He is actually in the same room as him. It’s been long, so long since he saw his face. Jimin missed him so much even though he was never with him. He lifts his gaze to meet with his eyes only to find them as cold as ice. Jimin immediately lowers his gaze to his lap, scared and nervous all of a sudden. Jimin was sitting in the same chair with Mr. Bang in the main. Suga was standing, glaring at Jimin while their manager Sejin and BTS leader RM, sat opposite Jimin. The thick silence spread across the room was sliced when Suga finally spoke

“Just because you control the life of Suga as an idol doesn’t mean you can also control the life of Yoongi as a person PD-nim.”

“But the things Yoongi do as a person will affect the life of Suga as an idol.”

Suga was fuming with anger but tried his best to compose himself in front of the chairmen.

“How sure are you?”He spoke in a mere loud whisper. Everyone in the room can hear him because of the dead silence.

“How sure are you that those pictures are not fake.? How sure are you that he isn’t partners with those paparazzi and how ing sure are you that that thing inside him is mine??” His voice was loud by the end of the sentence.

“Hyung, language.” Were the only words RM can speak. His gaze was locked onto Jimin all the while. Ever since he heard about the news, he wanted to see him, how like he would be so he can defend Suga but the one sitting in front of him is something he didn’t expect. Something about Jimin made him somehow believe in that entire story he heard. Jimin flinches at his words closing his eyes to prevent tears from falling down.


“Enough... You are sighing those papers and that’s it….no more arguments..got it.”

Mr. Bang’s voice was firm shutting Suga up. Throwing one last glare at Jimin, Suga glanced down at the papers on the table in front of him.

Marriage certificates. He just can’t sign them. He wasn’t ready for marriage. But then again, he can’t escape it. He knows the consequences. He will be kicked out of BTS and he just can’t afford it. He can’t stay away from s and have his solo career. He sits in the chair in front of the papers, holding a pen, hesitating. What should he do? Just then a thought crosses his mind. He could just kick that guy out once he delivers the baby and everyone gets to know it’s not his. And moreover, he can take revenge on him for dragging him into this mess in the meantime. He secretly smirks at his thought as he throws one last look at Jimin and puts the pen down, signing the paper.

“Good, now that you are married, aren’t you supposed to exchange wedding rings?”


Jimin was in a black KIA, driven by one of the BTS managers with his luggage to BTS’s dorm. He would be sifting with Suga now that they are married, that’s what Mr.Bang told, no, ordered. Suga is also supposed to stay with him, so all his stuff was also shifted. He shivers at that though. He shifts his eyes from the busy streets of Seoul onto his Tiffany & Co wedding ring, gifted by Mr. Bang, and then to the Polaroid picture he is holding. It was a picture of him, with Suga. He didn’t expect Mr. Bang to click a picture of them. Suga was all emotionless in it while he had a tiny smile. He was happy yet sad at the same time. Happy because he can be with his love, sad because, will he ever love him?


His train of thoughts comes to a halt when the car pulls over in front of the apartment. BTS’s dorm, a three-storied flat in Hannam the Hill; one of the most luxurious apartments in South Korea. Suga and the boys weren’t back, so he can take time in exploring the house while the manager brings in his two small boxes. Their house was small and cozy with an open kitchen, a living room, and two-bedroom. He found a door to a small cabin room, racks filled with Suga shoes, arranged neatly. On the other side was another door and he was about to open it when he hears a voice


“You can’t open it Mr. Park..erm…Mr. Jimin...Mrs.Min..or...Darn it…can I call you Hyung..?”


Jimin was taken aback for a moment. He wasn’t used to people treating him good, many ignore him, but this boy, he was the one who approached him with a smile.


“Are you sure.?”

“Of course, I am younger than Suga hyung by 2 years…so you must be my hyung too..right?”

“I am the same age as Yoongi-shi so I am your hyung I guess.”

“Yes hyung, by the way, my name is Byun Baekhyun, but you can call me Baekhyun. I am the maknae among the managers and wasn’t supposed to know about you. But I was in a hurry and overheard Sejin manager hyungnim. So I was also dragged into this…oh...I am sorry, I shouldn’t have..”
“It’s fine,” Jimin spoke with a small voice.

“Don’t worry hyung, there aren’t many who know about you. The chairmen, his assistant, BTS members, BTS’s manager Sejin hyungnim, and last but not least, me. I don’t know about the rest but I will be there for you. If you want any help just snap your fingers I will be there at your service.”

Jimin chuckled a little when Baekhyun bows in front of him like a queen’s assistant.

“Finally, don’t be all gloomy hyung, it’s not good for the baby. Anyway I was telling you something..ah…you are not supposed to open that door, it’s a connecting door to BTS’s dorm, it’s for Suga hyung. I am leaving your stuff here. All of them will come back by night. I need to rush back to Jungkook’s schedule. I wish I could help you, but sorry hyung.”

“It’s ok. You helped me till now. Thank you so much.”

“At your service” Baekhyun bows once again before leaving, not forgetting to say a short goodbye to Jimin.

Jimin can only smile, that boy was so cute. He felt his heart swell with warmth. It’s been so long since he felt something familiar, something like being wanted, being in a family.

Family, that word reminded him, he is married now and going to have a baby soon. He doesn’t know what his husband thinks of him. Maybe he should try something to get on his good side. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So he decided to cook for his husband a delicious dinner. Jimin smiles, feeling all giddy knowing that it’s his first time cooking for his husband. Hope he likes it.



Jimin wakes up from his short nap and glances at the wall clock.

10:58 it read. It’s so late, why isn’t he home yet.? Jimin was sitting at the small dining table for four. The food he prepared was long gone cold. After finishing cooking for Suga, Jimin felt tired. He didn’t have the energy to unpack his stuff either. So he just sat there, waiting for his husband to come back. A soft click made Jimin snap his head towards the connecting door, which opened revealing his husband, Min Yoongi. Jimin felt his mouth go dry. Just a while ago, he wanted to speak to him when he comes back, but now, he can barely breathe. He came out of his daze when Suga was about to get into the bedroom. Gathering his courage, he spoke.


“Yoongi-shi” His voice was barely audible but he heard it, which made Jimin freeze.


Suga turns back to find a petite figure in the dim lighting of the house. Focusing his eyes, he realized who it was, his so-called wife he married this morning. And just like that, all his tiredness was replaced with anger.


“What the hell are you doing here?” Suga’s voice was low and coated with ice, which made Jimin fletch a little.


“I..I prepared dinner for you…”

“And who the hell told you to cook for me?” it was still calm, but you can clearly hear the venom in his words.

Jimin was dumbfounded. He was scared to his bones to even utter a single word.

“You know what you have done to me, right? And you still expect me to be a good husband to you? HAH?”

Suga was shouting by the end of the sentence which made Jimin clenching onto his shirt, closing his eyes.

Jimin shot open his eyes when Suga drags him and bangs him against a nearby wall, locking him between his hands.

Their close proximity made Jimin heart beat like crazy, but he knows, this is far from being romantic.

“Listen carefully; I am going to divorcé you once that baby of yours gets out, proving it’s not mine. Till then, you, live your life on your own and don’t ever try to interfere with mine. And don’t even try to act like a wife and take care of me. For me, you are nothing. Got it..?”

Hurt would be an understatement but Jimin was beyond heartbroken. He wished even a tiny bit that Suga would accept him. But all his hopes were crumbled down with a simple hurtful sentence from him.

Holding back his tears, Jimin just nods his head. Suga banged his bedroom door shut, leaving behind Jimin with his silent tears. He was fine, being unknown and the only one with his hidden feelings. But now, the only feeling Suga has towards him is hatter. Oh, how he wishes he never met Suga.


The next day came, Jimin fell asleep where he was left yesterday. That reminded of what Suga told him, triggering another set of fresh tears. But he didn’t want to cry. What’s there to cry? He should have known that Suga will definitely not remember him. He decided to have the baby even before he got back into Suga’s life. He was alone back then and now, even if he is with Suga, he is still alone, he just has to pretend that Suga is not there. Just him and their baby.

He does his first-morning routine, puking last night’s dinner, but since his stomach was empty, nothing but bile comes out. He can feel the bitterness of the gastric juice down his throat but he doesn’t mind, as long it is for his love. By the time he walks out he finds the bedroom door opened and no sign of Suga in the house. He walks into the kitchen to make something for himself and that’s when it strikes him. If Suga does not want him to make food for him, he could at least make it for s who probably are tired with their schedule. He slowly walks to the connecting door and hesitantly knocks on it, nervously waiting for someone to open it. After a couple of tries and ten minutes later, the door opens revealing a guy, surprise was written all over his face. Jimin recognizes him immediately. It’s J hope, the Rapper, and vocalists of the group but he didn’t have the courage to look up.


“Hello..my name is Ji..Jimin. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh..Nice..nice to meet you too, May I help you.??” J hope speaks out and Jimin looks up to find another member behind. He looks down again when that guy throws him a dirty look.

“Hyung, I don’t like this guy. What are you doing here wasting your time.” He whispers loud into J hope’s ears, not even bothering to lower his volume. Jimin bits his lips, suddenly feeling astringent. He should have known that s are going to hate him as much as HE does.

“Shut up Kookie. I am sorry. Do you need something.??”

“No no, I..I just wanted to introduce myself. If you are fine with it, I can also cook for you all. It’s time for breakfast and you probably must be tired from yesterday so I wanted to help you by cooking som..”

“We are not going to starve if you don’t cook for us. Our manager hyung will bring us food, if not; our Suga hyung will make it for us. We don’t need you.” Ouch, that was sharp.

“JUNGKOOK, that’s not how you speak to someone.”

“But I told you I don’t like him.”

“What’s going on here.?” That ice-cold voice made Jimin freeze. He slowly looks up to find Suga, anger burning in his eyes and deep scowl, glaring deep into his soul.

“What the hell are you doing here..??” he hisses throw his grunting teeth and Jimin looks down right away.

“I..I..just wanted to..make..make some breakfast for your memb..”

“And who the hell told you to do so..??” Suga shouts as he marches forward, grabbing Jimin by his arm before throwing him back into their apartment. Jimin wraps his hands around his belly; prevent it from hitting the hard floor.

“Look, I told this before and I am telling you this again. Don’t try to interfere with my life and that includes my members too. If I see you one more time knocking onto that door, I am not sure what I will do to you. Get it.?”

Saying that Suga walks back into their dorm, banging the door shut on Jimin’s face.

He silently sits up, wiping his tears away as he tries to collect himself together. Maybe it was written in his fate that his one and only love will hate him to this extent.


Since that day, Jimin kept his distance from Suga. Every time he faces him, there would defiantly be a hurtful comment spitting from his mouth. Don’t touch this, don’t touch that, don’t you dare use my stuff; Jimin was restricted a lot more. He was even restricted from using a bed, making him sleep in the living room with a couple of blankets Baekhyun bought for him. But that didn’t hurt him as much as the one sentence Suga said right after he walked out of his room.

“I don’t want to see you face first thing in the morning.” And Jimin made sure he was never seen.

It was late evening when Jimin was sitting near the sliding door, staring at the evening sky throw the glass. He hears a soft click and realizes it’s time Suga comes back home. He looks up and gasps; looking at the least expected person standing in front of him. It was Taehyung, scanning the house with puzzlement as Suga, Jungkook, J hope, and RM tail behind on edge.

“You didn’t tell me you got a new extension to your dorm.” The members' sign at that. Thank god he came up with his own assumptions before they could come with an excuse. But they stiffen back as Taehyung points towards Jimin, asking who he is.

“He is a domestic helper.” Suga voices out, not even hesitating for a second.

“Yes yes. We need someone to clean the place when we are not there so this guy stays here.” Jungkook plays along, trying his best not to be awkward. The other two stay silent, not really wanting to speak.

“Are you guys sure this guy is not like those crazy fans of yours.?? Ya, aren’t even going to introduce yourself..??”

Jimin bow slightly, introducing himself, as their house worker. It did hurt him a bit, not because they made him their worker but how ease Suga was while uttering that. He smiles slightly, happy that he at least is something in Suga’s life.

And from then on, Taehyung came almost every day and all the time he stays there, he was more or less clinging onto Suga. Suga scowls but Taehyung shrugs it away, making them look like those Tsendare couples and Jimin could just wish, he could be there instead of him.


It was just another day as Jimin was getting ready for his shift in the café. He puts on his shirt and the last buttons fail to fit. Now that he realizes, his belly did grow a lot, making it obvious that he is pregnant with his petite frame. He smiles, slightly caressing his belly as he stares into the mirror in the washroom. But all his old clothes don’t fit him anymore. He needs to buy some but then again he doesn’t have lots of money to spend. He made a mental note to request Baekhyun for any old clothes available in the company. He was about to walk out when he hears Suga coming out of his room, coughing his lungs out as he strolls to the fridge, grabbing a yogurt, and walking back, shutting the bedroom door shut. Jimin peeps throw the washroom and feel that Suga looks a lot paler, pale than his usual skin color. He slowly walks out as he grabs the landline, dialing a number and waiting for the latter to pick up.


“Hello, Baekhyun-shi, it’s me, Jimin.”

“Oh, Jimin hyung. Good morning..!!”

“Good morning to you too Baekhyun-shi. Can I ask you something.??”

“What is it hyung.?”

“Does Yoongi-shi have a schedule today.??”

“Hmm, ha..he has a photoshoot with Billboard. Why do you ask.??”

“You see, Yoongi-shi is not feeling well. He is coughing so hard and I am sure he has a fever. Can you speak to manager-nim and clear his schedule.”

“Oh really. Ok, I will speak to hyungnim. But hyung, can you take care of him for today. I have to go with the rest of them for their schedule.”

“Me.?? Ok. I will try.”

“Thank you hyung. I will tell the rest about Suga hyung’s condition. See you later then.”

Jimin puts the phone down, signing as he wonders what he can do.

He slightly knocks onto Suga’s room after gathering his courage, holding a glass of water and paracetamol. After getting no reply from inside, he slowly pushes open the door to find Suga wrapped in his blanket. He timidly walks near the bed as he tries to wake him up but fails. After many attempts, Suga finally springs up, growling at him and hitting his hands away making the tray fall down, breaking the water glass to pieces. Jimin steps back, frightened at his sudden outburst. Just then the door opens as RM, J hope, and the other two brags in and Taehyung, shouting at the mortified Jimin.

“Ya..what do you think making a sick guy shot.?? Get out and take that glass pieces with you. NOW.”

Jimin nods right away, slowly crouching down to gather the broken glass as he looks up to find Taehyung pressing his palm against Suga’s forehead, measuring his temperature, concern written on his face. Oh, how he wishes he could take care of him, instead of being far away from the latter. It didn’t last too long when Jungkook dragged Tae, telling him that his schedule is waiting. That boy just doesn’t like it when his smaller co-star spends too much time with his hyung. Call him crazy but he fell for the puppy faced the first time he met him at their script reading for their recent hit movie, which eventually made Taehyung’s debut success and the couple so popular, so damn popular that fans ship them a lot and just go crazy over their pair. And here this guy, flirting with his brother, oblivious to Kook’s hidden feelings.

Jimin’s attention shifts back to the broken pieces when a tiny piece of glass incise through his skin, making the blood wooz out. He hisses at the sudden pain but lets it slide, no one is going to care about him anyway. He picks up the mess and walks out with his head down but unknown to him, there were a pair of eyes that did see the pain he felt.

He walks into the kitchen as he throws away the trash and puts his hand below the running water, trying not to moan in pain. The cut was pretty deep and he was sure it is going to leave a mark.

“Are you alright.??”

He turns back abruptly at the sudden voice and finds RM looking at him with an unreadable expression on his face. Was that concern he saw.??

“Yes, I am fine. It..It's not that big.”

“Fine then.”

RM was about to go away when J hope and Jungkook walk into the kitchen.

“How is he.??”

“He is running a fever. We should make some porridge so that he can take the tablet.”

“hm..I..I actually made some.” Jimin speaks out, too soft for them to hear.

“Excuse me. What did you say.??”

“I..I made some.” Jimin shows them a bowl of Chicken porridge on the kitchen counter, still a bit hot enough to serve.

“Are you sure you didn’t add anything weird in it.?” Says Jungkook and RM takes the liberty of hitting his head.

“Ouch. I just wanted to make sure. We can’t trust him”

“JUNGKOOK.” And that’s his cue to stop.

“I..I didn’t add anything weird. I can eat a bit of it to prove to you.”

Jimin holds a spoon, scooping a bit of porridge and putting it into his mouth.

“Now it's fine. Hobi Hyung, take that porridge to our little mew mew.”

“Ya..you should take it because you are the maknae.”

“Aww, Why me.??”

Jimin smiles a bit, this boy is too cute. Jungkook might be rude to him but when it comes to his hyungs, he becomes soft and cuddly. Their brotherhood is just so lovely.




It was the weekend and BTS was still busy with their schedule. Jimin took a break from his shift in the café which was getting too tiresome with his tummy. He gets down from their apartment holding a bag of trash to take them to the recycle bin when he finds Baekhyun, phone pressed against his ears and circling around in the lobby like a cat on fire. When he walks closer, he hears Baekhyun whining through the phone to whoever is in the opposite line, complaining about something.

“Hyungnim, how do you expect me to be done before they come back.? I barely have two hours and you know how much of a mess it can be inside.”

Baekhyun listens to the person on the other end with a scowl on his face and ends the call, still whining.


“Oh, Jimin hyung.?”

“You seemed to be bothered about something..??”

“Ha, manager hyungnim wants me to clean BTS’s dorm, they couldn’t find any maid so..Ani, how am supposed to do it all alone. It’s not like I am some domestic helper or something. I had promised my boyfriend that we will meet today. It’s been so long and if I don’t meet him now, I don’t know when I can. What do I do.?? HYUNG.!! Can you please help me.??”


“Yes hyung, you are the only one I could think of now. Please, please. We can be done before they come. please.?”

“OK, I guess” Jimin might regret his decision later but he has no heart to let the poor boy do all the chores.

Jimin finally ends up accepting to help Baekhyun and they both start cleaning up the junkyard of a dorm. The dorm is so damn huge and they try to clean a major part of it. Jimin takes over the kitchen and laundry while Baekhyun goes around trying to clean the member’s rooms. Done with the dishes, Jimin moves to the living room as he chuckles looking at the racks and racks of mangas and action figures all over the place. They might be world stars but they are still innocent by heart. He starts dusting the whole place when he finds a corner filled with some proper books other than mangas and the amount of dust piled up there tells him how often they are pulled out. He slowly skims through the different titles of the thick books when he finds a tiny object placed tightly between the book and the rack above. He pulls that book as he gets hold of the tiny object as realizes what it is. It’s a tiny camera obviously placed by some sasaeng’s to spy on the boys.

“What the hell are you doing here.??”

The sudden booming voice made Jimin lose his grip on the tiny camera as it falls down.

He slowly looks up with his horror-struck eyes at the guy standing right near the doorstep with the rest of his group. The voice made Baekhyun run down the stairs as he finds Jungkook reach down to the fallen camera.

“Is this why you came here.??” Jungkook hissed.

“No no, I don’t know where it came from. I.. I am here to just clean your dorm since they couldn’t find any maid. I am not the one who bought it, I am innocent. Please believe me, I really don’t..”

“Get out” that high peach voice from Suga made Jimin startled.

“I said GET OUT. I don’t want to see your face anymore. Get out, get out of my house.” This time it was even higher and Jimin immediately felt his eyes warming up. He clenches onto his dress shirt trembling as he walks away. Once he left, their manager dashes in, asking about the commotion.


The room was filled with thick silence as their manager literally glares at Suga and Jungkook when Baekhyun brags in through the connecting door.

“He..he is not there.”


“Jimin Hyung, he is not there. His luggage is not there too hyungnim.”

“God Suga, look what you have done.”

“What did I do? Everyone happy that he is finally out.” Suga shouts as he concentrates on the Rubix cube in his hands.

“OH come on Suga. Baekhyun did tell you that he was the one who asked his help to clean this place.”

“But why would he come when Suga hyung clearly told him not to set foot in our dorm.?? He definitely had an intention to do something.” Jungkook growls away.

“OK Fine. You can think whatever you want. You guys are going to hate that boy even if this incident never happens. What difference does it make.?? But Suga, you need that boy right now. You will be in a lot of trouble if PD-nim finds out and moreover, if you want a divorce from him, you need his god damned signature. What were you thinking kicking out a pregnant boy in the middle of the night like that.??”

“I don’t know. Do whatever you want.” Suga shouts once again as he dashes away into their house while the rest of the BTS go back to their room. Their manager signs as he looks back at Baekhyun, nodding his head towards the door, silently telling him to find Jimin.

Baekhyun didn’t waste any more time as he runs out of the apartment, to find the pregnant boy.

After almost half an hour later, Baekhyun finally ends up in the park near the apartment when he finds a tiny figure sitting on a bench. He runs closer and realizes who it is. It's Jimin, sitting there with his

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