가족 Family- Epilogue

Our Destiny (Yoonmin Ver.)
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5 months later



Their house was a mess. He isn’t sure how much of a mess it is because all he could hear is Taehyung’s voice and that clearly tells him what is happening out there. Jin had stepped out of the house to buy some last-minute necessities and that’s when Taehyung had invaded the place. Jimin was stuck in the bedroom looking after the hyperactive twins, but either way, it isn’t like he can go out and help Kyungsoo. He is already 8 month’s pregnant and he can barely move. But he can’t just sit there and hear Taehyung teasing the poor Kyungsoo for dating that loud-mouthed celebrity’s manager. Once the twins got tired and fell asleep, he walks out of the room to find the place suddenly going silent. He chuckles when he finds Jin, who just got back, giving Taehyung a lecture to behave. He feels a hand encircling his waist and Jimin immediately leans into the touch.

“Why is Jin hyung so sensitive today.??”

“Oh, they invited your friend Junmyun’s boyfriend. He is meeting you guys for the first time so he doesn’t want that guy to have a first bad impression.”

“And you think Taehyung-shi will care.?? He would prefer embarrassing Jun hyung in front of his boyfriend.”

“Well, that’s true. Ha.! Before I forgot again, I also invited Dr. Kim and his partner over too. We didn’t get a good chance to properly thank him. And of course my best bud Hun. He still has to properly meet you”

“Oh, that’s good. But are you guys sure you don’t need my help.?? All you do is make me sit. Even though I enjoy myself with the twins, but still, got used to all this noise. At least let me... ” Jimin had to stop mid-sentence because of the sudden peck from his husband, making his eyes go wide.

“Shhh…nope..you are not doing anything. You sitting is a big help for us..and.. why are you all red.?? Are you not feeling well.??” Suga continues with a dumb expression only to get pinched by his pretty wife.

“Awww, what was that for.??”

“You caught me off guard.!! What if someone had seen us.??”

“But they didn’t. Even if they did, what’s wrong.?? I am just kissing my cute little wife..there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“Seriously, Yoongi-shi.. you are..”

“Suga, we need your help, our guest will be arriving any moment now. Stop flirting with Jimin and just come here already.” Shouts Jin.

Suga sighs before shouting back a reply, turning to his side and diving down for another kiss. But Jimin was quick enough. He holds his index finger up, stopping those upcoming lips and shaking his head with a furrow. Suga shoots him with a pout and puppy eyes, but Jimin wasn’t taking it. He shakes his head once again and Suga pout deepens. But only until he kisses his finger giving him a wink and running away, leaving behind a Jimin, caught off guard, once again.

They were having a family dinner. It’s something like a ritual for them. Every once in a while on a weekend, they gather around in Suga’s home, with their close friends and family, have a hearty dinner, and spend the rest of the day with each other. With each member getting busy with their solo careers over their group activities, it’s their way of maintaining their togetherness. The members were busy clearing away the central hall and arranging the place for dinner. In the midst of that, the doorbell rings and Jimin walks up to open the door. He smiles wide at the couple standing outside when one of them offers him a spray of white roses.

“Thank you for having us tonight”

“Your welcome and we are always grateful for you. Please come in.” Jimin invites them with a smile.

Once they get in, Suga jogs up to them, shaking his hand with the new member.

“Hello, Dr. Kim. Glad you can make it.!!”

“Oh, it's fine. And also, I am not a doctor here. You can call me Minseok. And this is my partner Jongdae.” Minseok introduces his wife and Suga nods his head with a handshake.

“Soo, Dr. Kim...I mean, since you are older than me, can I just call you hyung.??”

“Y...Yeah sure. I don’t find a reason why you can’t.”

“Thanks, hyung. You are the reason for all this happiness so...Welcome to the family. Come in, please do make yourself comfortable.” Suga gives him an eye-splitting smile and Dr. Kim replies to him with the same as the younger escorts’ them in. Then came Junmyun and his finally boyfriend, Oh Sehun. Junmyun was flustered introducing his boyfriend to everyone and Taehyung didn’t let the chance go in vain, teasing the older until they start bickering and finally getting silenced by Jin. And Of course, Sehun also turned out to be Suga’s high school best friend, to whom he can finally introduce the love of his life. He had explained that drama happen all those years ago and the situation he was in during that phone call 3 years ago. The taller was by his side all this time and their friendship just got stronger. With Sehun being busy with all his work, and obviously Junmyun, it was hard for him to properly meet them. So this time, he was able to make it. After that was the Idol dancer Lay, who is quite close to J hope. They had worked on a couple of collaborations and are quite close. So J hope invited him to meet s. And Lastly, it was Chanyeol, who is now settled in Seoul, maintaining their branch office there and finally getting married to his long-lasting boyfriend Baekhyun, oh no, his now Fiancé Baekhyun in a couple of months. The moment he steps into the house, he gets greeted by a bone-crushing hug from his boyfriend, who had missed him for the past week because of the latter’s business trip to the USA. Baekhyun wanted to continue being BTS’s manager and Chanyeol was totally fine with that.

After the introduction to each other was done, the dinner starts, and they help themselves with the delicious food that the experienced chef of the group made, excluding Jimin of course. Once they were done, they settle down to play some UNO, with beer for everyone, hot Chocó, and coffee for Jimin and other non-alcohol-loving people. In the middle of their game, J hope stands up abruptly, catching the attention of everyone in that room.

“Guys, I have an important announcement to make.”

Everyone gives him a look, as the older starts to speak.

“So...The thing is…hmm...Ok, no more beating around the bush. Everyone, Lay and I are officially dating.!!”

He shouts. There was a moment of pregnant pause before a series of aigoo’s, scoffs, and clicking of tongues followed.

“Good Good” Yoongi mumbles, looking down at his cards.

“That’s it.?? Then sit down, we need to continue the game.” Jin waves his hands and Kyungsoo shaking his head with a sigh.

“Hyung.!! Sit down already.!! It’s going to be your turn soon!!” Jungkook shots at his hyung as older stands there cold.

“G...Guys. I just told you that I am dating Lay like we are boyfriends now.!! Didn’t you get me.??”

“Yeah, we understood, you can sit down now”

RM nods his head looking at the guy, who was staring down at him, dumbfounded.

“Wait, so you guys just started dating like..recently.?? I thought you guys were already going out for so long.!!” Chanyeol speaks up, confused, and Baekhyun chuckles.


“See, even someone who met you like a couple of hours ago also knows that you guys are a thing. Maybe we would have been

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