Chapter 20

Maple High
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The reveling of their relationship made the whole school shook, especially his friends. Kai was the one who was madder at his best friend, like hell, he didn’t tell his secret marriage and he judged his relationship with Kyungsoo..??? Lay did get bashed at first, but they were happy by the end that their friend had finally found his other half. Baekhyun smiles bittersweet as he stares at Chanyeol laughing away, making fun of Lay and his wife. He sighs, wondering that maybe he should just move on from his unrequited love. He snaps out when Sehun hugs him sidewise and drags him for a club meeting. Baekhyun knew it, he knew that Sehun is interested in him. When they first meet, he was such a bully, but everything changed when he came bragging into his coffee shop asking him to be his tutor. He became so friendly and Baekhyun couldn’t deny that he liked this side of him more. He became more studious and they started to spend more time together. But there was a thing, even though he has been with Sehun the whole time, his tiny crush for Chanyeol never left him. Maybe it’s time to really let go.

Suga wasn’t in his normal self either. He like Jimin, that’s a fact that he realized recently. Jimin is the only one who was always there for him, in his lowest times, and the one there for him to share his deepest secrets. But he knew that the smaller could never be his. So instead of being close to him and break his heart, Suga decided to run away. Runaway from the entire heartache. He starts ignoring Jimin, he didn’t mind at first but when Suga starts skipping classes, he got anxious. Jimin waited but when Suga went missing for more than a week, he decided to knock on his door one fine weekend. Suga opens the door to find Jimin standing there and he scowls. He wasn’t ready to meet him yet. Jimin just pushes him and walks in, standing there folding his hands and throwing Suga a serious look.

“What’s wrong with you.?? You have been ignoring me for so long. You don’t pick up my calls. You are not even coming to classes anymore. What happened ..??”

“Are you done..? It’s my wish if I have to be with you or not. It’s my wish if I should ignore your calls or not. And it’s my wish if I want to come to classes or not. You are no one to tell me what to do and what not to do. So...if it’s what you came for, you can get out now.”

“What..??” he didn’t give him any more time as he dragged Jimin out of his house, closing the door on his face. Did he just kick him out.??

Jimin goes back home but his mind was still there. What’s wrong with Suga. ? The one he saw just now is not the one he knows. He lies back on his fluffy bed, but sleep doesn’t come. He was so irritated by the situation that he has to get an answer and that too right now.


Suga walks into his kitchen and pulls out a water bottle, gulping it down. He hears the sound of his door getting unlocked and finds Jimin, standing in front of him in his pink panthers' PJ’s. He chokes.

“How did you get here..??”

“By car.”

“That’s not what I was referring to. How did you get inside my house.?? I clearly remember locking it.”

“If you have a password as dumb as 1234 anyone can brag in.”

He sighs. This boy is not going to listen to him that easily. Suga holds his hands, taking him to his couch, and makes him sit. He sits beside, facing him with enough space between them so his heart is in his control.

“What is it that made you come at this late at night..??”

“I need answers.”

“What answers?”

“Answers to the questions I asked you. What’s wrong with you..?? Did something happen..?? Did your dad do something again..?? Did I do something wrong..?? Just tell me. I can’t even sleep. You know I am there for you.”

“That, don’t say that. I can’t depend on you. I don’t want you to be there for me. I can’t talk to you anymore, it’s not that I am mad at you. it’s just… when I talk to you

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