Chapter 19

Maple High
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Jimin enters his house to a chilling silence. He asked Kai to come back but he refused to. He left with Kyungsoo to his house and he was determined with his decision. He was glad that his hyung is sticking with his future wife and kids being the responsible ones he is. He is not going to force him to do something. Instead, he is going to speak things out with their father. He might be authoritative but he is still a father. He walks into his father’s study room and finds him immersed in a book, sitting in his chair.

“Appa, I have something to speak to you.”

“Not now. I have important things to do.”

“What is more important than your family dad..??”

“JIMIN..!!” his mom shouts, standing at the doorway with a cup of coffee.

“Let me speak mom, I am done with their cold war. Appa, What is my favorite food ..??”


“Just answer me appa. What is it..??”

“Kimichi Stew”

“Then tell me what is the food that hyung like the most.??”

“What..?? Why does that even matter..??”

“It matters appa. These tiniest details are what that matters. If you don’t even care about them, why would you even care about something bigger..??”


“That’s what hyung thinks dad. There is this stereotype that is set up in his head that you have to break. I know that you love us but I have to agree with hyung that since the moment you got to know I was a carrier and have no interest in inheriting the company, you treated him more like your heir than your son. It’s not like he doesn’t love you but you just made him into someone else. When I used to cling to you acting all cute, you used to laugh it off but when hyung did it, you lectured him to be more matured. How can you say that to a kid dad..?? At that tender age of ten, he started to build up a wall around him, hiding his true self away from this world. He is a goofy guy to us and responsible young men for you but neither of them is his true self dad. Kyungsoo hyung is the one who bought him out. He might not see but he made Kai see the real world.”

Jimin walks to his dad, kneeling beside him and taking his hands into his, holding them tight.

“Don’t let society mutilate you, dad. You are going to be a grandfather and hyung is going to be a father soon because he knows. He knew that he is the one, just like how mom was the one for you. Mom was from our society so it was easy for you to have a happy ending. Let hyung have his too dad. Don’t stop him from getting the happiness he deserves. Don’t stop him from becoming back to his true self and most importantly, don’t stop loving him. Show him, dad. Show him the love you have for him.”

Jimin’s face was stained with tears and his mom was crying, hugging his father from behind. Mr. Kim closes his eyes, finally letting his tears fall and Jimin knows, he knows how much his Appa loves his stupid twin.

It was early in the morning when Kai waits at the main door holding Kyungsoo’s hand. The main door opens revealing his mom and Kai was sure she cried, making him feel blameworthy for making her cry. He walks in to find Jimin who right away hugging his twin and his boyfriend, whispering that their dad is waiting for them in his study. Kai walks in, still holding Kyungsoo close to him.

“Sit down. It’s not good to stand that long.” His father voices out referring to Kyungsoo. Kai guides him to a chair and he finally stands in front of his father.

Mr. Kim sighs before speaking again. “I..will accept you. I will accept my future grandchild too, but I need some time. This is too much to sink in a short time, but I will eventually accept. And son….I am sorry. I didn’t realize that I was pressuring you to be a responsible heir instead of treating you like a son. I am sorry, I thought that giving what you want will be my way of expressing my love but I didn’t know that I was supposed to tell you, son, tell you that I love you and be the person you want. Forgive me, my son.” His father was breaking down and Kai instantly wrapped his arms around his dad, crying along with him.

“I am sorry to appa. I am sorry for speaking so rudely to you. I am sorry for not understanding the way you love me, dad. I am sorry.”

Kyungsoo sure couldn’t see, but he knew how precious his father is to him. Mrs. Kim hugs her now son-in-law and looks at the father and son union, with tear-stained eyes.

All the problems settle down and everything comes to peace. Kai's father did keep his promise. Kyungsoo moved in with them and the house just got even more colorful. Mrs. Kim was treating him with a lot of care and his father was slowly opening up. Soon Namjoon’s wedding came by and everyone flew To Bali. It was Jin’s Choice of a dream wedding and why would Namjoon deny..?? They land at Ngurah Rai international airport in Namjoon’s private jet and check into Avana resort and spa. He booked the whole place exclusively for his wedding. It was a private beach wedding, with only family and friends. The place was decorated in a beautiful theme of orchids. The groom was standing at the end of t

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