Chapter 15

Maple High
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It was a PT class and everyone was on the school grounds, engrossed in different games. Few were playing soccer and the rest were having their won time. Taehyung was sitting there along with Jungkook, hugging his arm and leaning onto his shoulder, making the whole school coo at the cute couple. Jimin and Baekhyun were busy with their own world, leaving Suho alone. Feeling bored, he walks around aimless and finds a monkey bar. He lazily climbs onto it with all the courage but when it’s time to get down, he gets all frightened. Lay who sees him for a while comes to him wondering why he is not getting down for so long.

“Ya...What are you doing up there, aren’t you going to get down..??

“Yixing-shi..!! I..I.. can't get down. Help me..”


“ I…I can’t get down. Please help me..please..” Suho was already crying and Lay didn’t have the heart to leave him just like that.

“Arasoo, just jumps, I will hold you.”

“Noo…I am scared.”

“I told you I will hold you. Just jump. Believe in me.” Lay stretches his hand forward and waits for him. Taking a long breath, Suho jumps down knocking both to the ground. Lay falls on his back and Suho on top of him, clenching his eyes close. The wind blows swaying Suho’s hair all over his face and he finally opens his eyes, staring at the one below him with his deep black eyes. His lips were slightly open, gasping for air and Lay just gaze back at him astonished, for being this close with him for the first time. He pushes him of when realizing strikes and walks away but the force with which he pushed Suho, got him hurt. He looks back when he hears him hiss a bit and J hope immediately rushes towards him.

“Are you fine..??”


“Come on, let’s go to the infirmary.” He helps Suho up and holds him by the shoulder while he wimps. Lay stares at his back, a bit guilty but not really impresses with the guy beside him.


It was a fine weekend when Suga went to visit his mom and spend the day in the orphanage. He parks his car and walks in, only to find everyone packing.

“What’s happening..??” he asks the head of the orphanage, confusion written on his face.

“We are moving.”

“What..?? but why..??”

“The old man who owns this place recently died and his son sold this place for some rich guy for money. They are going to take down this building and construct some residential area or something. Taking away home from someone else to construct houses..?? What an irony.”

“You can’t just leave like that. Where are you going.??”

“We rented a small place for now; we have to see what will happen next.”

“Who is the rich guy that bought this place..??”

“CEO of some entertainment company. What was it again..?? HA...BigStar entertainments and the CEO name is Namjoon.”

And that for enough for Suga to get all fired up.

He dashes into the huge building in Cheongdam-Dong and walks directly to the elevator and presses the number to the last floor. The guards try to stop him but he doesn’t give a damn. When he reaches the floor, he ignores the assistant sitting there and brags into the CEO room, who was busy signing the files. Namjoon looks up at the intruder and slowly rises from his chair. Behind Suga comes two of the bodyguards to drag him out but the CEO immediately dismisses them away, leaving him and Suga alone.

“What are you doing here.?”

“Why did you buy that Goodwill orphanage..??”

“What are you talking about..??”

“Don’t try to act smart. I know it was you who bought that orphanage. Do you even know what that place means to me.?? It is the place where my mom grew up. It is the only place in this goddammit world that reminds me of my mom. Do you even know how it feels to take something away that belongs to your loved ones.?? Of course not. Who am I asking ..?? The young CEO of the BigStar entertainments. You grow up with everything, mom, dad, and a family. And who am I.?? Just an illegitimate son of that irresponsible man.”

“Mind your words Yoongi, he is your father as well and I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Stop acting all innocent. I know what you did. Just using your power to show you authority. Shame on you” Saying that Suga marches out of the CEO’s office.


Jimin leans back and closes his eyes in his SUV as his driver drives him back home. He wasn’t in a good mood. He got to know about the orphanage and he felt so distressed. He went along with their parents to one of those business parties but his mind was somewhere e

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