Chapter 21

Maple High
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On the other side, Baekhyun decided to take the next step. His unrequited love for Chanyeol is going without a destiny. They say that you will be happier when you are with the one who loves you rather than the one you love. So when Sehun finally gathers up his courage to ask him on a date, he agrees.

It was a peaceful weekend when they went out to the COEX mall. Baekhyun was wearing an oversized pale blue button-up shirt with white stripes running long and white juggins which he borrowed from Taehyung, paired with a pair of white snickers. He had light makeup, making him absolutely gorgeous. Sehun was in blue jeans with a plain white button-up shirt. They looked good, unexpectedly wearing something similar to a couple of outfits. They had a brunch in KFC and roomed around the mall, occasionally stopping by different stores. Baekhyun was having a relatively good time and he was delighted that he accepted his request.

Chanyeol enters a book store, smiling while searching for the romance section. He pulls out different novels, but he wasn’t sure what to buy. What to say, he never set his foot in a book store before, let alone buy one..?? He lingered around for a while until a salesgirl comes towards him

“Excuse me, sir. Are you looking for any book in particular.??”

“Oh...Yeah...I wanted to buy a romantic novel but I am not sure which one is the best.”

“Oh, why don’t you try this one? This is ‘A rose in winter’. It is a beautiful story of..”

“Ok, I will buy it.”

“Oh.? Aren’t you going to read the epilogue either..??”

“Actually it’s not for me. It’s for someone else who loves reading romance novels.”

“Hmm...someone special. Lover, I assume.”

She walks to the cashier and Chanyeol follows behind, not even denying her assumption. Chanyeol pulls out his wallet to pay for the book when he finds someone entering the store. It was Sehun and Baekhyun and Chanyeol right away hides behind one of the book racks. What are they doing here..?? Chanyeol peeks at them from a distance as they roam around, picking different books and giggling. Baekhyun was skimming throw a book while his fringes fell onto his face, blocking his view. He was struggling with his hair when Sehun pulls them back, fixing them with a clip. When Baekhyun looks at him questioningly, he replies.

“Your hair was bothering you and maybe... it’s a gift from me.”

He smiles at his cheerful self which didn’t go unnoticed by the one spying on them. They get out of the store buying a couple of books. They buy tickets for a movie, Beauty and the Beast and Chanyeol follows, entering the same theater. He sits behind them, not paying any attention to the movie while the other two got engrossed in it, munching onto some popcorn. After the movie, they went into an arcade, played games, and finally moved to a more peaceful place, the Olympic Park. They sit there on a bench, Baekhyun eating his cotton candy while Sehun, awkwardly trying to wrap his hands around his shoulders. Baekhyun chuckles lightly, sensing his struggle. He pulls his hand down and lets them wrap naturally around him.

“Why hesitate, it’s not like we are on some kind of blind date..we are close right.?” He laughs away, punching his bicep lightly. Sehun smiles awkwardly but soon laughs along with him. They chat for a long time and sehun finally drives his

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And that ends this story.!! Thank you for all the love and support you guys gave me. I will always cherish it!! Comments are totally welcomed.!!! There is a Non-shipping Ver.of Maple as well.U can check it out if you want! I will be back with more angst really soon:)) Until then...


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