Geheimnisse: The Confidential and Conspicuous Life of Kim Yerim

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The youngest of the Kim siblings is finally going to Korea after her graduation from middle school. Kim Yerim was ecstatic to be reunited with her family. Though born and raised in America, the young girl was aware of her family's prestigious name in their home country. However, the older Kims made sure that Yeri, as they call her, was kept away from the limelight to live a normal life. They were all very protective of the young girl especially when their parents died. The most protective among them was Yeri's eldest sister, Irene.


Yeri was able to convince her unnie to allow her to return back to Korea as a graduation gift. She pleaded that she wanted to visit their parents' graves and meet the rest of their family. Despite their other siblings' protests, the youngest won them over with her wittiness and extreme aegyo. The older Kims made meticulous preparations to ensure the safety, security and comfort of their baby sister. They were all excited to be together in one place. To be all together in their  true home. 


All eyes were on the Kim family as they celebrate their reunion with smiles on their faces.... until Yeri began to discover her family's biggest secret. 



a/n: Hi everyone! I've thought of the plot for this story for quite some time now but I never really got the chance to put it into writing until recently. I've been reading a lot of bangtanvelvet  stories lately and chanced upon some super generation stories as well! Boy oh boy! Brings back a lot of memories. Missing the super generation days! <3 Years from now, it would be interesting to see how bangtanvelvet stories have evolved. Anyway, I'll be posting updates every now and then. If you have any comments or ideas as to how the story should go, don't hesitate to leave a comment so we can make a better story together. Najunge bwa! ^_^


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ScandiumGermanium #1
Chapter 38: First of all, thank you so much for this gem, I loved every single part. Secondly, I know it’s been two years but please find it in your heart to update, my heart can’t stand the cliffhanger
Osnapitzkat #2
Chapter 18: I just found this story but I’m in love
ggexotica #3
Chapter 38: I miss this story. Thanks for updatiiiiing.
Hopefully there will be longer interaction for appa n daughter soon.
Stay safe :)
Chapter 38: Omggg you're back!! Thank you for this wonderful update! Hope we can see yeri's drama soon. Stay safe and healthy author!
dizzy199 #5
Chapter 38: Thank you for the update!
nemonochan #6
Chapter 37: I just found this story and i loveee it.. i like how u center yeri much.. maybe put a drama for yeri a bit like having fever or accident or attempting to kidnap or furious irene or taehyung.. i love how u showed motherhood in irene character.. keep writingg authorshii
imanQistina #7
Chapter 37: finally ?
so the other kim/jung is already one step forward ?
Kpopspillz #8
Chapter 37: THANKSSS