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Continuation from last chapter.


Seeing that Jiyong had left after throwing his meaningless empty threats at her, Taeyeon offered her boss to go in and have a cup of tea or coffee which ever the latter preferred and of course Jessica agreed on.

Taeyeon fumbles with her door until finally she was able to open it. "Come in." She invited her boss, a little embarrassed with the space of her little home.

"I'm sorry, my house is a bit small." She said blushing.

"It might be small but it is cozy and neat." Jessica returned kindly, looking around the tiny home, before settling down on the couch, Taeyeon banished into her kitchen, coming out a few minutes later with two mugs of coffee, handing one to her boss, she sat herself down on the single seat, beside her boss.

"Uhm....my son is out with my room mate and best friend, I really wanted to introduce you both, though he's just a baby." Taeyeon said shyly.

"So sad, what a baby? I would love to meet him, I'm sure I would in the future," Jessica said.

"I'm sure you would." Taeyeon returned and from then on they fell into comfortable silent, each one of them having different thoughts going wild in their heads, however Jessica decided to break the silence first.

"So, ahm about that guy earlier..... Jessica trails, what's your relationship with him? She couldn't help but to ask." Taeyeon was still quiet and shifted uncomfortable on her seat.

"It's okay if you don't want to tell me, but anytime you're ready to open up about it, I'll gladly listen." She said with a smile.

"No," she started but stopped, what was she going to tell her? that he was the father of her baby? her ex boyfriend? *scoffs inwardly* 'he wasn't even my boyfriend, just a fling or a persistent jerk, who abandoned me as soon as he got what he wanted from me.' She thought.

"He's the father of my child." She said after struggling with it, she doesn't know why, she feels at ease and comfortable with her boss, and because she was friendly she thought she could open up to her, Jessica nods  and spoke.

"How did you end u

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