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“Aww, you're still bitter about my leaving you I see, so what do you say? Should I ditch Seung-heon and come to you now? You know I still love you, besides we have a daughter together, and he's is boring not as romantic as you, I agree that I miss you so much, ah and you can take it as payback for him, since he took me away from you first.” Yoona seductively traced Jessica's chin with her finger.

“Wow, so now you want me to take you back because I've found another girl that I deserve? you wanted to see me miserable all my life and now that I got someone by my side, you don't like it?” Jessica scoffed, stating the obvious.

“Oh Sica, I was just showing you the way to get me back, giving you hints that you can claim me once again, all you have to do is say yes and I'll be with you again, we both know that, that girl isn't your fiancée, I've not seen the sparkles of love in your eyes, she's not even your type, not beautiful enough for your taste. But I on the other hand is all you'd ever wished for, because I know you too well.”

Taeyeon heard everything, she doesn't understand why her heart clenched by Yoona's words, one particular sentence kept repeating in her head, 'I've not seen the sparkles of love in your eyes', she knows she isn't that beautiful and all but she does believe that Jessica might perhaps liked her in some way, she could feel it, but because Yoona knew Jessica more than she ever could, and so she believes Yoona was saying the truth. 

“You are just so full of yourself, and i wonder when you're ever gonna change.” Jessica swat Yoona's hand away from her face. “Taeyeon might not be as beautiful as you, but she's nothing like you, most importantly, she isn't a or a gold digger, and mffmmffmmm.” Jessica was cut off her words by Yoona's lips, Taeyeon peeped her head from the cubicle she was in to see where they were standing, so she can quietly leave and Yoona saw her through the mirror, she smirked and decided to make her believe that Jessica will only love her and no one else.

Jessica who was stunned couldn't move, she couldn't do anything and just let Yoona's lips rest on her own, however, she was b

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