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”So how do you like your makeover?” Sooyoong asked her, as she looks at her through the huge mirror.


”Beautiful! It's really beautiful.” Taeyeon shyly admitted.


”So you can go to Yuri now, I bet she's been tired waiting to take you to the stage, make sure you slay, and a little advice,” Sooyoung said her face turning serious, ”don't let them take you as the naive, shy type, you'll become their play toy, here you need to act fierce and strong, to get away.” Sooyoung explained in a friendly manner.


”T-thank you so much, Sooyoung-ssi! I'll do just that.” Taeyeon said bowing a little.


”Oh please! Just call me Sooyoung, besides we are not so different on age terms, so no need for the formalities.” Sooyoung said, hitting her shoulder lightly in a playful manner.


”Ahh! Okay! I'll take my leave now, Sooyoung...thanks again and bye.” Taeyeon said with a smile.


”Sure! Go ahead and good luck.” Sooyoung said smiling too as she waves her goodbye, the latter just nods a little also waving back.




”Ahm..can you sing any Japanese song?” Yuri asked, as they were walking towards the second floor.


”Yeah! I think I can manage, there is this song I've written in Japanese, actually it was an assignment from my Japanese teacher, back then when I was in college.” Taeyeon said remembering about it.


”Oh so you took music as majors?” Yuri asked getting interested, she also love music.


”Hmm! Music and art, It's actually my passion.” Taeyeon said her eyes glisters when she talks about her passion.


”So why ain't you being a professional? I mean have you ever been on auditions?” Yuri asked, seeing the woman is a beauty, and capable even though she didn't hear her sing, yet.


”Well I wanted to but I

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