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Hi! I think I'm back on this mini story, I really want to be done with it soon, I hope you'll enjoy this little update of mine, of course if people are still reading this.



Jessica was on her way to her car when she noticed the singer's back, it seems she was in a rush but Jessica really wanted to talk to her, for the first time, to introduce herself as the owner of the club she works at and to praise her for a job well down, the singer left a positive expression on her Japanese clients earlier and because of that, their deal was finalized, which she was very grateful for.

Taeyeon's voice heals and it brings joy to whoever was lucky to hear it.

Jessica followed the girls back and she was about to catch up with her, when the singer sat in the taxi, and unknown to her, her purse has slipped from her hand when she was getting into her ride and it fell at Jessica's eyes, she immediately hurled for the taxi driver to stop but unfortunately he couldn't hear her as he drove away, Jessica stood for a second thinking on what to do next, and that's when an idea came at her.

Quickly she went to her car and drove right behind them, leaving her butler behind.


”Where is it? Maybe I forgot it back at the club.” Taeyeon mumbled as she searched for her purse to pay for her ride, good thing she had some money kept at the back of her phone, which she was glad for, quickly she paid him and thanked him before heading towards her house, and she was taken aback when she saw Jiyong seating on his car and it looks like he's waiting for her.

”What is he doing here?” She asked herself frowning at the sight of him.

”Hey,” he said when he noti

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