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ROCKABYE ~~003    

Taeyeon got back from her job hunting, still not lucky today again, she slumped on the sofa, holding her temple, she's tired and sick of looking for a job.


”How is it?” Tiffany her best friend asked, all though by the look of it, she knows her friend isn't lucky today either.


”Nothing! I don't think I'll really get a job, at least not now, I guess.” Taeyeon said sadly, ”how's he?” She asked for her two months old baby.


”He's been sleeping, he's such a nice cute little boy, doesn't cry much, unless when he's hungry or needed a diaper change.” Tiffany said, smiling.


”That's why I love him, he's such a calm boy.” Taeyeon said smiling by the thought of her little one.


”Ahh! Tae! I think there is a place you can work at, it's part time but it will be worth it.” Fany said.


”Oh! Really? Where?” Taeyeon asked excitedly.


”I don't know if you can, it's a club and as far as I know you'll fit there, they were looking for a singer and you immediately came to my mind, the pay is good too.” Tiffany adds.


”A club? What type of club, the rough kind or ?.....” Taeyeon trails.


”It's an exclusive club, made for the rich by the rich, I was there because I had to accompany Sunny to meet her uncle.” Tiffany explained.


”Ahh! So I have nothing to worry about, since the people that goes there are respective personnel.” Taeyeon said or more like asked.


”Yeah! It's more like that.” Tiffany said.


”Then I just need to find a nanny, and all will be well, I'll do anything for my boo.” Taeyeon said a bit happy for finding this job now she can take care of her baby.


”I'll take you there tomorrow, since you

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