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Author's pov.     ”Please not two lines, anything but that!” A petite girl prayed silently, waiting for the urine pregnancy test she just did to show the result.     She checked her watch, seeing the time, ”Okay! It's time breath in, breath out....relax Taeyeon and check it now.” She told herself and to her disappointment two red lines were showing, meaning she's pregnant, she broke down on the bathroom floor and started crying, she hates that she's pregnant, she never wanted to have now in the first place, she was deceived, she doesn't even like the guy that much, now what is she going to do? She's still in her final year at college, she isn't even a rich man's daughter, how will she care for her baby?     She came out of the bathroom, Tiffany her roommate and best friend ran towards her, her shoulders slumped seeing her friend's expression.     ”Tae!....” Tiffany trails but was cut short by her friend.     ”I'm pregnant Fany, what do i do?” Taeyeon asked, worried with her situation.     ”Just relax, are you sure?” Tiffany asked once more to avoid misleading information.     ”Yes i am, my s are much bigger and firmer, morning sickness, didn't see my period for two months, of course i am pregnant.”     ”So.....who is the baby's father?” Her best friend asked.     ”Jiyong!” Taeyeon simply answered, ”He's the only man I've ever slept with.” She adds, looking down.     ”Kwon jiyong?” Tiffany asked to be sure, she knows the guy has been wooing her best friend since freshman.     Taeyeon nods to verify her friend's suspicion.     ”I think you should let him know first.” Fany suggested.     ”I-i will.” Taeyeon said sitting on her bed as she began to think of ways to tell the dragon boy that puts her in the family way, about it.     ~~~~     ”Hello oppa! I need to see you, it's very important and urgent.” Tae said thru the phone ss she decided to tell him.     ”Okay! I'll be there, yes, see you.” She said ending the cal
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