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ROCKABYE! ~~002.    

”I'm sorry Taeyeon, but I've tried everything I could, Mr Kwon and his son refused to take responsibility of the baby.” Mr Kim informed his daughter as they sat to discuss for the second time regarding her pregnancy.


”I've been trying to tell you that but you weren't listening to me.” Taeyeon said shaking her head sadly.


”So what are you going to do now?” Her mother asked this time, she feels so hurt for her daughter.


”I don't know, Umma, I'm planning to keep my child, it's innocent, doesn't know anything, why should I kill it?” Tae said her hand sliding and resting on her flat tummy as she rubs it gently.


”It's your decision, if you want to keep it or not, but you know so well that we are incapable to raise another child, right?” The mother asked again.


”I know! and I'll do my best to raise my child on my own, it's my responsibility. Taeyeon said determined.




Eight months later!


”Taeyeon! are you sure you can make it?” Tiffany asked her friend worriedly.


”I can I just have to, I'll try.” Taeyeon said biting her lips to suppress the pain she's going through, she's in labor right now and at the same time trying to write her final exam.


”I suggest, you go to the hospital, Taeyeon you just have to repeat the year, I doubt you can write in this condition.” Tiffany said.


”Don't worry, I would, besides I don't have to repeat if I do, and now that I have someone to care for, I have to do all I can to be able to get a decent job.” The woman in labour assured.


Taeyeon is sweating furiously but ignored the pain as she continued writing her exam, Jiyong who was watching her felt bad for her but what to do when the girl is being stubborn about keeping the baby.


”Oh my God!” Taeyeon shouted seeing her water broke, she held her tummy, and tried standing up but her legs ain't moving.


”Tae! Come on let's get you to the hospital.” Tiffany said helping her to

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