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Note: Okay! This unexpected feature got me speechless, I mean how could I possibly think of getting featured as soon as I returned from my Umrah trip? I'm so grateful to all of you for making it possible, so much that I wrote you another chapter ASAP. Enjoy, and comment my lovelies.


Taeyeon wanted to cry and shout at the top of her voice but she didn't, her mind is still trying to apprehend what Soo Bin wanted with her child, why her baby? and why now when she's finally happy with her life?

Jiyong didn't want the baby from the very beginning, he rejected Tae Joo, he said himself that he doesn't want anything to do with him, and now what? They want to take her baby forcefully from her? Ha! The Kwon family must be kidding to want that.

Taeyeon might not be rich, she might have no power against them, but one thing for sure is that; she's not going to let them take her happiness, her son-the light of her eyes away from her, she will not let them certainly or they simply have to kill her first before taking Tae Joo away.

Arriving at home, Taeyeon made her way towards Tae Joo's room. She opened it and was met immediately by a bundling ball of energy, seeing him well cleaned and sitting on his playing mat, with Soojung playing with him, made her smile heartily, all those pain she'd been through went away seeing him smile at his sister. Taeyeon isn't sure how long she'd been standing at the door until Soojung called on her attention.

"Eomma, you're back early today," Soojung peeped behind the petite woman expectantly. "Where's mummy?" Soojung hugged her eomma, while Tae Joo looks towards them and It seems that he was happy to see his mum as he ran cutely towards her and embraced her in a hug, even though he was just hugging her legs.

"Mummy, is coming back later, I wasn't feeling all good so I decided to return early, how was school?" Taeyeon asked her step daughter to be, picking up Tae Joo and walking further into the room.

"School was great, I got a new friend today." Soojung excitedly chirped.

"A new friend? From where?" Taeyeon kept the conversation going.

"She's from California, and her name is Amber, she's so gorgeous and handsome at the same time." The little girl adulates.

"Oh, I bet she is." Taeyeon smiled up at the kid, placing a soft kiss on her forehead, just then Jessica's arrival was announced and Taeyeon broke into a wide smile, just thinking of seeing her lover made her feel extremely happy.

"Mummy is home." Taeyeon said patting the little girl's head, she got to her feet and looked affectionately towards their two charming kids. “Would you two like to come along to welcome your mummy?" Taeyeon smiled at their rather enthusiastic nod, as they trailed behind their e

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