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Chapter 13.

As they reached the huge mall, their first stop was at the fragrance store. They entered and looked around, Taeyeon don't even know what the difference is actually, a perfume is just a perfume, but here she is, in a huge shop filled with fragrance.

”Jadore, lacoste or chanel?” Jessica asked and Taeyeon looked at her confused.

”The fragrance. Which do you prefer?” She asked again and Taeyeon shrugged.

”You don't know the difference huh?” Taeyeon nodded. 

”Okay then.” She turned and faced the sales girl. ”I want all of it. Package the must expensive ones.” Taeyeon's eyes widen. She's serious?!

”Right away miss.” The girl said ready to package them but Taeyeon quickly grabbed her wrist. 

”Why all?” Jessica chuckled.

”Because you don't know the difference.” Jessica smiled and went to the counter to pay, while Taeyeon let her do whatever she wanted, it's no use to argue anyways, Jessica will still buy them even if she did protest.

”Let's buy you a dress.” Jessica beeps and smiled. ”I think my stylist will know what to do to you.” She led them to a shop and instantly they were greeted by the owner.

”Miss Jung! So good to see you again.” Jessica smiled and led Taeyeon to a chair. 

”Thanks. I need you all to dress this woman here, exquisitely.” She ordered and the woman smiled, calling the attention of the other workers.

”Right away miss Jung.” She bows before leading Taeyeon to a private fitting room.

”Now let's get started.” She ordered clapping her hands and instantly 3 girls walked inside with a few of dresses. They fit through all dresses and Taeyeon was exhausted, when Taeyeon walked out of the fitting room she was met with a scene that melts her heart instantly.

Jessica was sleeping with baby Tae Joo placed on her shoulder, as a fly came buzzing around them, Jessica was quick to protect the little boy thinking it was something, since she was suddenly startled by it's buzz and that made Taeyeon's heart to melt, loving and respecting Jessica even more in her heart.

Jessica had bought all the top designer dresses there is to buy,

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