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Continuation from the previous chapter.


"Taeyeon what is it?" Jessica asked the now trembling woman, she was worried, they were chatting happily just a moment ago and now Taeyeon has transformed to someone else entirely.

"Tae Joo, he's sick again." Taeyeon explained, standing on her feet as she searches for her purse, she was in a confused state, crying uncontrollable until Jessica stood and hugged her.

"Relax! Taeyeon, tell me who Tae Joo is?"

"My son, he's at the hospital with Fany and Sunny, I'm so sorry but I have to go." She said detaching from the comfort of Jessica's arms in a hurry she dashed towards the door.

"Hey, wait." Sica said catching up with her quickly, "let me take you there." She offered and Taeyeon could only nod, Jessica was driving fast but Taeyeon saw it as slow as driving in an hold up, she kept chewing her thumb in anticipation, while tapping the other hand on her lap, Jessica noticed that so she placed her right hand on her hand, she caressed it a bit stopping her from tapping it furiously.

"He's going to be alright, you need to relax." She said soothingly.

"I hope so," she said. 'oh god what could be wrong with him this time?' She thought all in all she wanted them at that hospital now, while she was still in her thoughts Jessica pulled to a stop at the hospital and Taeyeon didn't wait a second for her to properly park her car as she jumped out and rushed inside the E.R where Tiffany informed her they were.

"Fany-ya what happened?" Taeyeon questioned startling the eyes smiling woman, as soon as she saw them.

"Tae.... Thank goodness you're here on time, come on let's speak with the doctors." She said leading the way just as Jessica was entering, she was glad that she saw them and so she followed them right behind, but before she could catch up with them, they've already vanished into the doctor's office, therefore, she stood by the door, but since the door was left a little a jar, she was able to hear them talk.

"Miss Kim, I'm sorry but your baby has a con heart defect." The doctor said.


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