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Note: Hey guys I'm sorry for going away without saying goodbye, I thought I'd gone for good but my sister convinced me to come back, I got married (arranged marriage) and of course I'm not all good about it but what to do? so basically now I'm a married woman, never knew this day would come, God! it's so unreal.

So you tell me;- do you need me here? I mean to continue writing my junks or I should grow up and just go away? Tell me in the comment section and of course those that wants to advice me on my newly found life should please do, even though I hate everything and I'm not even straight to begin with, I couldn't say no to my dad, and disregard my family. Thanks.


Continuation from the previous chapter.

"Miss Kim, we need your attention." The nurse said turning to where she came from and Taeyeon followed right behind her.

"Miss Kim please sign here and here, your son would be in theater room in a few minutes." The ahjumma instructed the confused Taeyeon, pointing at the places her signature were needed.

"Why would I sign when I didn't pay the money?"

"It's been taken care of, you just need to sign if you want your baby to be alright."

"But who paid that huge amount of money for my child's operation? I won't sign until I know." Taeyeon said folding her arms sassily around her chest with a huff.

"Miss Kim, this is your son's life you're being strong headed with." The ahjumma reasoned, "At least be grateful if your burden it's being lifted off you." She adds.

"If I sign these papers, I'll be in depth with the person that pays, at least I should know the person right? before singing anything, I might be signing the deal with the devil and I won't even know until he comes to claim my soul." Taeyeon said dramatically.

"I assure you miss Kim, this person isn't a devil, if anything! this person is an angel in disguise." The woman said.

"Please, just......oh my God! Is it miss Jung?" She asked. Realization hitting her, Taeyeon has totally forgotten about coming together with the woman, it must be her, because no one close to her is wealthy enough to pay such amount of money for her child, if not then Jiyong? But that bastard doesn't even care, plus he doesn't even know about her son's illness.

"Miss, she told me not to let you know, but since you're smart enough to find out, it's not my fault, now can you please sign the papers? Your son's life is at stake." The woman reminded slipping the papers towards the petite mother reasonably.

Hearing that, Taeyeon reluctantly signed the papers, whilst thinking of how to pay Jessica back, the woman had done so much for her already, how on earth will she be paying her for everything?

"Here." She said handing back the papers to the nurse before walking back towa

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