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Continuation from the previous chapter.


"About the question you asked of me the other night at Yoona's party." Jessica paused realizing the words that she was actually saying right now, and as she looked into Taeyeon's eyes she knew that she'd caught onto what she was trying to say, narrowing her own eyes, Jessica examined the petite's exotic brown orbs, she consciously understood how Taeyeon pressed her lips together and watched her face staring at her warily, with a slight hint of hope in her eyes while she took her top lip between her teeth, as she continued. "The answer is yes. I love you Taeyeon."

The silence that emanated between them for a few seconds, felt like days as Jessica watched the gears turn in the petite's head. She'd noticed Taeyeon's uneven breathing, and the way her eyelashes slightly stuck to the bottom of her eyes from the light moisture content that arose from Jessica's emotional discourse. 

Taeyeon's lips parted, and Jessica knew she was about to say something, but she wasn't finished asking what she truly wanted to ask from the beginning of this rambling monologue she'd produced her.

"A woman is a delicate creation," Jessica carefully continued. "A woman is attractive and possesses exquisite beauty, soft hearted, compassionate, caring, kind, and full of emotions, that needs total care, attention and love. Now I'm a woman myself, i know what you feel and I'm aware of the fact that, that regular customer at the club Chang-wook and that bartender guy Baekhyun are both interested in you." Taeyeon rose her head up to look into her eyes, stunned. 'How did she know about those guys?' She thought and wanted to vocalize it, but Jessica never gave her the chance to.

"I'm also aware that you're probably straight...But I want to get to know you, Taeyeon, I can't help it, I want to know you more, and I want to know if you'd like to take this journey with me, me understanding you, and you understanding me." Jessica took a large inhale.

"Will you let me love you right? Will you give this woman a chance to show you that she's far more better than all of those guys? Will you be my girlfriend?" The doll like boss confessed cautiously, tho watching Taeyeon's parted lips turn into a smile, made the feeling of delight to arise from the pit of her stomach.

"I thought you'll never ask, of course, I'll be your girlfriend, I say let's give it a try." Taeyeon disclosed before shyly bringing

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