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Taeyeon finished her performance and bows before exiting the stage.


”That was amazing, Taeyeon-ssi!” The manager said, totally smitten by her.


Taeyeon who was all smiles, looked down shyly before uttering a cute 'thank you'


”Ah! And miss Jung said to give you this.” He adds handing her a little name card, Taeyeon took it and looked through it.


”Jessica Jung? Who is she?” She asked.


”The woman in the hall just now, the owner of this club.” The manager explained.


”Omo! What did I do? Is-is she firing me?” Taeyeon question.


”No! I guess not, she's a nice person and you were great tonight, maybe she just wanted to officially meet you, for praises and encouragement for you to do better. I guess that's it.” The manager said unsure also to himself why Miss Jung sent her direct contact to a new employee, she hardly know of.


”Oh okay! If you think so.” Taeyeon said with a sigh of relief.


”Yeah! So I'm gonna go, you can go back to Yuri's now, I hardly think there is another work for you tonight, but just stay a while, we don't know when you will be needed.” He informed, biding her goodbye.


Taeyeon was already changed into her normal attire ready to go home, she misses her baby so much and she wants nothing but to go home now and cuddle with her child, but I guess that isn't gonna happen because as she was saying her goodnight to Yuri the manager rushed into the office, demanding Taeyeon to sing for the guest at the second floor, their supposed singer isn't well all of a sudden, making them to have no choice than to send her down there.


Taeyeon now dressed in red thigh split gown walked into the club at the second floor, and suddenly she felt her legs shaking, because the club was packed with guys, and she got a little intimidated by them, and uncomfortable with their eyes on her, but with a little self encouragement and Yuri's earlier words, she straightened immediately and walked briskly to the stage.


She was lost in her son

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