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Previously on Rockabye!


”It's okay! I wasn't looking my way either.” The lady replied, looking at the latter, in her mind she's never seen someone as cute as this little woman who's eyes were looking lost, and scared probably because she bumped on someone, which is a normal thing to her, she feels the woman doesn't have to be this frightened.




Rockabye ~~04.


Taeyeon reached home still thinking about that wonderful woman, she bumped onto at the club, could she be the owner of that club? 'If she is then I'm glad to be working there, because she looks nice, she's a nice person and very kind, I'm lucky if she is.' Taeyeon thought while getting ready for bed, still couldn't take the thoughts out of her mind, she was in her dream land when her baby started crying, and he wouldn't stop no matter what she did to him.




”Good morning Fany!” Taeyeon greeted her friend, when the said girl came out of her room, rubbing her eyes.


”Morning Taeng! How is he now?” Fany asked, Taeyeon's baby has been crying non stop last night, that they had to rush him to the hospital at late night, it appears it was stomach ache.


”He's fine now, been sleeping since.” Taeyeon said tiredly, she couldn't get a good night rest due to it.


”Good to hear, so have you received the call yet, from the club?” Fany asked.


”Not yet, I guess it's not easy to get into such clubs, and my boo needs a lot of things, meds also that I need to get him, I'll have to be paid daily for him, if I'm lucky to be employed there and soon.” Taeyeon said accompanied with a heavy sigh.


”Then why can't you use the money Jiyong gave to you? I mean he's his son so why not?” Tiffany said, she doesn't see the reason why Taeyeon isn't using that.


”I can't Fany-ya! I might be poor but I'm no beggar, besides spending his money means we relay on him for help and I don't want to do that, I'm just looking forward for my meeting with him, and I'm going to throw his trashy money to his face, he's a jerk.” Taeyeon said.


”Well I'm on your side

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