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Continuation from the previous chapter!

"There," Taeyeon light up a smile on her face as she leaned back from their brief lip lock. "Are your lips better now?" She mumbled seeing Jessica unmoving from her spot and her still pouty lips, immediately made Taeyeon's heart to began beating erratically, her face heating up with a tinted pink color, as she ponders on why the hell did she do that, in the very beginning? But come to think of it! Jessica wanted to kiss her first, she just did what the latter wanted since she herself couldn't muster up the courage to, the petite decided to help her out. On the contrary; Taeyeon herself doesn't know why she had wanted to kiss her boss's pouty lips when they made eye contact, was it because they looked cute and inviting?

However, stunned and rooted Jessica's breath caught in , making it seem like her heartbeat was also going at an unnatural pace in succession to her breathing as she felt Taeyeon's lips on hers, before subsequently, she felt Taeyeon leaning away from her, immediately feeling empty from the lost of contact.

Jessica blinked rapidly, opening and closing it again, not believing what just happened. Actually, she wasn't even sure if the lip lock was real or not. There was a big possibility that Jessica dreamt it all up, she was probably imagining things now, she continued to stare in disbelief at the brunette, who is casually and stoically looking out of the window.

Still, in battle with what made up fantasy and reality; Jessica pressed her fingers to her lips, she felt satisfied and hopeful chills spread along her spine due to the slight wetness and warmth that Taeyeon's lips left. She smiled to herself, glancing over at Taeyeon, who had a concentrated, coy look on her face, promising that there will be hope for her to be with Taeyeon in the near future.


Arriving at the club, Taeyeon didn't try to wait up for her boss to go in, as she quickly got out of the car and sprinted into the club all in an attempt to avoid what happened between them earlier.

"Hey, Taeng!" Yuri greeted as soon Taeyeon stepped into the club.

"Yuri, hi!" Taeyeon flashes a smile her way as she went to give her friend a brief hug.

"How are you? How's your son doing?" Taeyeon froze with the question.

"How did you know about my son?" Taeyeon asked in awe.

"Oh that!" Yuri smiled wider. "Jessica told me the reason you haven't been present at the club lately." Yuri informed.


"Yeah, Jessica."

"I mean why do you call her that, without formalities?" Taeyeon felt her heart tightening by the thought of it, does this mean she isn't special to the boss after all?

"Oh! It's because Jessica and I have been best friends since high school, for old times sake she asked me to drop the formalities. Why? Is something wrong if I address her by her name?" Yuri confusingly asked wondering why Taeyeon is blushing by their conversation.

"No, no." Taeyeon waved it off with h

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