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Author's POV. “All done. Every woman at that party tonight will wish to be you!” The makeup artist excuses herself and closed the door. Taeyeon gasped as she looked at herself in the mirror. 'Is this really me?' She asked herself that while admiring her own beauty. She stands and twirls her body around looking at her reflection from the full view mirror, satisfied with her looks, she decided to join her boss, whom she knew had been waiting for her. Taeyeon dressed in an elegant red cocktail gown descended from the stairs, and because she's currently feeding, Taeyeon's s looked full and tight in the dress, Jessica had agape as she watched the stunning beauty, slowly walking down the marbles stairs. As Taeyeon walked; the dress trailed behind her giving Jessica an exquisite feel to the atmosphere. Jessica hadn't realized that the woman was now standing in front of her, until the girl chuckled lightly to get her attention. “Woah, sorry I was so lost in my beautiful sister's appearance that I didn't notice she's in front of me.” Jessica said with a smile of admiration. “You look amazingly and exquisitely stunning like a fairytale princess.” Jessica adds, opening her arm wider for the younger girl to slip hers, Taeyeon did with a shy smile. “You look elegant and beautiful in purple, I suppose that is your color, right unnie?” Taeyeon asked. “Hmm. And yours is red, I presume?” “No I love blue, but Tiffany has told me once that red brings out the beauty in me, you said to dress as the elites so I did.” Taeyeon said cutely and Jessica almost pitched her fluffy cheeks but she resisted the urge, sometimes she wonders how this girl is a mother when she's so childish herself. “Yeah, you did and no one can compete with you, not even the Miss world.” Jessica said and Taeyeon blushed, she suddenly feels as though, Jessica was flirting with her. “But, even if I want to show you off, you need to cover your bare back, I don't have enough energy to fight off those wolfs that'll be all over you tonight.” Jessica said in what seemed like 'jealousy tone?' before ordering a maid to get a scarf so Taeyeon can cover up her beautiful toned exposed back. Without a word of protest, Taeyeon did as she was asked to and Jessica lead them together to their ride, an elegant white limousine that's been waiting for them. Tae Joo and Soojung were individually left with a nanny to cater for them for the night as the two single mothers planned a night ahead. ~~~~ The hall was grand and elegant, with a single glance one could simply guess out how extremely rich the person is, who hosted the party. The party saw some of the biggest Korean celeb
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