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Note: First of all, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the upvote you guys gave this story and I'm astonished. Thanks everyone for that, I just got back and I decided to make a comeback with an update, of course I will gladly appreciate it if you comment on this chap like you do the rest. Thanks once again. Love you!

Reminder: we're jumping to years later for the story's development, don't worry it will still be intriguing.


Three years later!

Three years have already passed. Life goes on for Taeyeon and her son, she still lives with Jessica, who insisted that she needed her to officially move in with her as her girlfriend. After Taeyeon returned back to her old apartment, Jessica became so lonely without the latter, so devastated and only lasted a few months without Taeyeon, verifying that she can't live now without the younger girl, Jessica persevered on moving in together. And they are still very much in love like the first day they began dating.

Taeyeon is no more a singer at the club and instead is now Jessica's personal assistant, not only at the club but in Jessica's every purposeful endeavor. Taeyeon deserved her position, as she's been assiduous in all tasks appointed at her.

In addition, Tae joo is already going to daycare, making things even easier for Taeyeon.


Taeyeon was in a meeting with some clients when her phone suddenly buzzed, signalling a message arrival, she hastily checked on the message thinking it was anyone from Tae Joo's school, but Taeyeon came across an unknown number that displays a simple message.

'I need to meet you.' Taeyeon doesn't know who the person was but she decided to call back as soon as she's done with her meeting, as intended, when she's now alone in her office which is attached with Sica's, she dialled the private number that texted her earlier.

 "Hello?" There was silence from the other side, too silent. 

 "Hello." It's a girls voice. Taeyeon thought.

 "This is Taeyeon speaking, you said something about us meeting?" Again, another silence. 

"I'm Kwon Soo Bin." The lady said, goading Taeyeon into a depth of thoughts, trying to recall if she'd ever heard the name somewhere.

'I know this name. But where?' Taeyeon was still in her thoughts when the lady saved her the endless brain scour by saying.

"I'm Jiyong's wife." She informed, successfully getting Taeyeon out of her trance.

"What? Why do you want to meet? What for?" Taeyeon inquired.

"Just, can you please meet me? I really need to talk to you" there was a long uncomfortable pause again. "Please." She adds and Taeyeon agreed to meet her, even though she doesn't apprehend why Jiyong's wife will suddenly want to meet her, she have nothing to do with him, her or his family for that matter, but there is no pain in knowing what the woman wants with her, right?

Taeyeon agreed to meet Soo Bin. She sounded sincere when she said she want to meet her. She doesn't know why but a part of her says no, and the other part is just forcing her to say yes. 

The two women agreed to meet at a coffee shop near Taeyeon's office building. Taeyeon still dressed in her work attire walked towards the coffee shop nervous and anxious of what the other woman has to say.

'What does she want from me?' She thought and looked down at her watch, seeing she's a bit late, Taeyeon began searching for the woman who said she will be

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