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(Continuation from the previous chapter)

"I asked you a question Jessica, do you love me?" Taeyeon asked once again, her eyes had a glints of hope in them as she trapped Jessica with an unexplainable stare.

"I ah i, I ....." Jessica stutters, she doesn't know how to say out what she feels for the younger girl, she doesn't want it to look as though, she is trying to take advantage of her, but God knows how much she wants to make Taeyeon hers more than anything, Jessica yanked her eyes away from Taeyeon's own and looked down with her teeth between her lower lip, trying to find the right words to say, a lady tho, appeared before she could say a single word.

"Oh there you are, I've been looking for you when Yoona told me you're here." The woman that is at the same age level with Jessica interrupted them, she was beautiful and had a wide smile adorning her face.

"Irene?" Jessica exclaimed, she was happy seeing her best friend again.

"Yeah, it's been a long time since I last saw you, how are you? how is Soojung?" The woman asked, her smile growing wider, (if that's even possible).

"She's fine, I'm fine, we are great actually." Jessica beeps hugging her friend briefly.

"So who's this?" Her best friend asked gesturing towards Taeyeon with a point of her finger.

"T-taeyeon, this is Taeyeon. A friend." Jessica introduced, trying her best to avoid the younger girl's eyes.

"Nice to meet you Taeyeon, I'm Irene, Jessica's bestfriend." The woman said still smiling, extending her hand forward for a shake.

"Nice meeting you too Irene." Taeyeon spoke almost quietly, but the woman heard her clear, she shook the petite's hand before turning her attention to her best friend.

"So ah what're you doing here? I mean you and Yoona were never friends and..." Jessica started but was cut off once again by Irene.

"Oh, that! her fiancé is a good friend of my husband's and yeah, we were invited." The woman explained with a shrug.

"Oh great, so you're going to be in town for a while?" Jessica asked wondering.

"No, actually that's why I came to see you when Yoona told me you were here, I'll return tomorrow and we have a lot of catching up to do, do you mind going somewhere with me?" Irene asked.

"No, of course no, I've missed you too, but I have someone with me, I don't know how we can..." Jessica trails.

"Don't worry unnie, I think I can find my way home, just go with her." Taeyeon said immediately, doesn't want to be a hindrance to their bonding time.

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