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Note: Do not mind the regular updates, I'm planning on finishing this soon before concentrating on my other fics, one step at a time. And I'm grateful for your support, it is surely motivating, please don't stop. Thanks. PS, please look past the typos, sometimes the editor is a . Continuation from the previous chapter. ~*~ ”I meet Yoona while I was at college,” Jessica started, she looked down on her lap as she speaks. ”She was my roommate and best friend, we fell in love and dated for a year, when we finally graduated and secured a reasonable job, she introduced going further with our relationship and even though I thought it was too early to jump to marriage conclusion, Yoona convinced me that she loved me and together we took the final step and got married.” She smiled reminiscing those magnificent days. ”It was all rainbows and unicorns at first until she started drifting apart, I'd asked her why, because I was worried, I loved her so much and I didn't want her feeling depressed, and she told me I wasn't enough, that she needed a child, so in our second year of marriage she agreed to carry our first child, with the help of my cousin, the procedure was successful and Soojung was conceived.” Jessica smiled sadly. ”But still after her birth, Yoona started becoming distance once again, her late nights becoming regular, she neglected me and Soojung, I had asked her what the reason was this time and she said, she needed a more luxurious life with her child, I took it upon myself to strive and work even harder to meet her needs and maybe it wasn't enough, because at our forth year anniversary, Soojung was three then, Yoona presented a divorce paper as her gift, I knew that she was cheating on me with her boss Song Seung-heon, when she started coming home with expensive jewelries and sometimes stack of cash, I never questioned her, or take any necessary action on it, instead I struggled alone with our child and worked my off just to make her happy, and maybe to stop her from going astray, but it was never enough, Yoona wanted more and more, greediness made her blind that she abandoned us and ran to his arms for a branded car, a luxurious apartment, stupid personal ornamentation and designer clothes.” At this rate Jessica's hands were shivering in anger. ”You can imagine how despicable and shameless she is to come to me now, telling me she has come to see her daughter.” Jessica finished, and it came as a
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