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Continuation from the previous chapter, some repeated scenes included but with a different point of view.


"Goodnight, Taeyeon." they both said, Irene turned to her friend as soon as Taeyeon was out of sight, with a raised brow she asked. "Who is this girl really?"

"Who?" Jessica asked yanking her eyes from the stairs and laid them on her friend.

"Taeyeon, I never knew you had a sister, and she referred to you as unnie."

Taeyeon was walking up the stairs mindlessly, she feels exhausted physically and mentally - when she heard her name being mentioned, she wasn't planning on it; but she decided to listen a little to their conversion.

"Oh right, she is my employee, a singer at the club." She heard Jessica answered.

"Do you accommodate your employees now? I mean why is she here?" Irene asked in awe.

'Yeah, why am I the only exception?' She thought, and the temptation to hear Jessica's answer got the best of her as she leaned more.

"She had a little situation, so I asked her to stay over with me, my house is big and enough for all of us anyways." Jessica said, and with that heard Taeyeon took a step backwards, deciding not to listen anymore, but the next question asked, got her rooted on her position once again.

"Do you like her?" Irene asked. And Taeyeon's heart began to beat with speed, she was anticipating Jessica's answer as well.

"What?" Jessica said defensively and Taeyeon frowned.

"I said do you like her or better, do you love her? I've seen the way you look at her Jessica." 

"I don't know why everyone is asking me the same question tonight." 

"Who asked you the same question?" 

"Why do you think I might like her?" Jessica asked cutting her friend off.

"That isn't an answer Sica, anyways! as I said I've seen the way you look at her, the way your eyes just sparkle when you look at her and I'm concerned because she looks young, underage if you ask me, so I'm worried for you, I don't want you getting in trouble, you know." Taeyeon continued to listen, she wanted to know too, so badly and so she made up her mind to listen to their conversion till the very end.

"That's not what I'm actually afraid of," Jessica said. That got Taeyeon frowning even more. "I mean, her age is not what worries me, Taeyeon is a mother, definitely at the age to date." 

”But?” Taeyeon thought.

"Wait, she's a mum?" Irene cuts Jessica off, and Taeyeon felt like strangling the poor best friend, she wanted to know more.

"Yeah, she have a son, and believe me her age is not what is the issue here, the thing I'm more afraid of is," Jessica paused and the anticipation is killing Taeyeon already, she felt her heart falling into the pits of her stomach. "She might be straight and you know so well how it doesn't work well if a lesbian is going after a straight girl, that's the reason I'm scared, if she have the slightest idea that

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