A Breath Away

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Bin Mi Ran is an introvert when it comes to Seoul Arts High School. She sticks to herself and has no problem going through highschool alone. The "outcast" is what everyone calls her. Oh Sehun is the ever so popular teenager who has everything. Money, girls, a car, and a family reputation. The two develop an odd connection when Mi Ran sees him at one of his lowest points. Soon the two end up in each other's lives, but is it more than just acquaintances? Friends? What kind of secrets will be let out the bag? Is Oh Sehun really the one with all the secrets? 


James Bay-Let It Go

Loco-Hold Me Tight

Lee Hi-Breathe

Exo-What If

Exo-Lady Luck

Gary-Get Some Air

D.O. ft. Yoo Youngjin-Tell Me What is Love

Gnash ft. Olivia O'Brien-I Hate You, I Love You

Amber-On My Own



Bin Mi Ran: Seventeen year old high school student who gets entangled with popular boy Oh Sehun


Oh Sehun: Bratty bully who picks on students that are not on his level


The boys of Seoul Arts High School:









***Not all the boys will have a lot of parts***

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Coincidence. Described as a concurrence of events without no apparent casual connection. Or maybe it was fate; a word mainly used to describe one's future beyond their control. Then I thought it was both. I never knew what it was when it came to him. Him, in my terms, was someone who was in my life with little to no connection and was well beyond my control.You see, unlike coincidence, I saw him almost everyday. We attended the same school and lived in the same neighborhood. He was in my life without being in my life which is why I'd like to eliminate the term coincidence. And I'll never know what my fate has in store until the death of me, so I'll rule that one out too. The thing is, I was never truly curious about people. Everyone had their stories like I had mine. However, this one was a mystery that I wanted to solve; a puzzle I wanted to mend. The Oh Sehun I knew of was: a pretty boy, a bully, rich, snobby, and rude. He, along with his friends, would often bully me at school. I was the loser everyone picked on. I had no friends, I didn't talk much, and I was passive. All the reasons why I was so easy to poke fun at. I was your average jane doe. Oh Sehun was a different story. He was a person I never paid attention to, that is until this day happened. 


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Chapter 20: Now I'm getting jealous vibes from Sehun. Or is he starting to fall for Mi Ran?
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Chapter 14: I'm getting stalker vibes from Sehun following Mi Ran.
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Chapter 20: please update
Chapter 20: I read your fanfiction in just 2 hours and i fell in love with it!!^^ i hope you could continue soooooon. <3
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Chapter 20: Hey are you gonna continue this cause you haven't updated for a while now...
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Chapter 20: Just found this story today! Im loving it!
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Chapter 20: Sehun what's with the sudden change of heart.. guys like you makes heart ache. Tsk.. tsk. Tsk...
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