Marriage Camp

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They came together but left with someone else. It was due to ----- Marriage camp. 


Meet the Participants:

First couples:

                     RicJin - JUST BEST FRIENDS! ("Dude...I met this girl...with the biggest s..." - "Wow! Hyung! Really? What kind of s?") Best friends, who drank way too much on Junjin's 18th birthday, ended up getting married - accidentally (and very straight) married for 10 long long long long long long long years. Way too long. Eric is 36 and his best friend is 28 - don't ask how they became best friends. 

                     WanSyung - THE FIGHT COUPLE! They thought marriage was easy until Hyesung found out what a control freak Dongwan was and Dongwan got angry about every single clothing that he abandoned to the floor. Yet, their marriage has endured 8 very long long long long years. Both of these men are 36, having 6 days of age difference.

                     MinDy -  THE INNOCENT COUPLE! Both married their high school sweethearts. Their first loves. The person they lost their ity to. Their perfect young love and marriage have endured 3 years of cuteness and innocence (from which Andy is actually far from). Minwoo is 23 as well as Andy, making them the youngest couple to ever join Marriage Camp

                VanTa: THE LYING COUPLE! They started making music together in China, fell in love whilst composing, and Kangta proposed the older man, because he couldnt wait anymore. They have been married for 5 months. Kangta is 27 and Vanness is 28. It must tell something when a couple has problems already after five months...

"I am Lee Jihoon, and this is --- Marriage Camp!"





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Chapter 20: Just read this in one shot....Oh man this is brilliant
Chapter 20: Just read this in one shot....Oh man this is brilliant
Chapter 20: wahhhh finally I can remember my password and my email for this account hiks...can't believe this FF was over... (T_T)
but I'm happy that all couple finally found their soulmate and their happiness...
Good job authornim...can't wait for your next project
Chapter 20: Ah it's really over...
So Kangta decided not to go public this time?
And the others never got married, cause they learned now, date first!
I liked this ending, it was sweet and short
All of them ended up nice and happy together, I liked the ending, all fairytale like
Chapter 19: this is really over..
I love how the different couples have different things they want afterwards, like, Ricsyung are older and got together so fast, they always seemed more ready for marriege, while Jindy are still in the dating stage, it makes sense with Andy younger and Jin isn't that old either, Woodong too, Minwoo is so young, and seems like Wannie got younger while being with him so he is ok with just moving in together
and then there''s Jita, ah the Jita, Jihoon hurt me by regretting this whole thing, I hope he doesn't regret now, but damn it was cute saying his mom warned him hahaha
oh my god Kangta and the blanket was so funny!! oh my god idiot they can still see you hahaha
Jihoon is so cute and has no self esteem, hope he gets better now
And payback!! now they see you aren't a saint either!! you ed Kangta too!!
Chapter 19: Aww this is so cute >.< update soon~