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Marriage Camp
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YES YES YES! FINALLY A LONG CHAPTER! I dont know when was the last time I wrote long chapters like this and wow, I am so proud of myself. I managed to make a long chapter, and not put the ideas I have written already to this chapter. It means I still have a lot of thinks to put to the next chapter so i hope it will be as long as this one too! :) I am so proud of myself!


Author's POV

Junjin smiled.

He kept smiling dumbly.

He kept smiling while leaning to the wall.

“Hey, what are you smiling for?” Eric appeared from nowhere and startled his husband. “It looks creepy as !” he laughed.

Junjin blushed, cleared his throat and glanced at the maknae of the mansion last time unnoticeably. He then shifted his head at the hyung. “Just was looking at how dumb Andy was…” he replied, ending the sentence to an awkward chuckle.

Eric ogled at him doubtfully.

“Are you okay Jinnie? It seems like you aren’t telling me everything.” he spoke.

Junjin laughed abruptly, hand on his hyung’s shoulder and shook his head madly. If someone had known that he was hiding his major crush on Andy, they would have known he was exaggerating with his acting.

“No, there is nothing to tell.” Junjin admitted. “Really.”

Eric nodded asserted, and then glanced at Hyesung, who entered the room. He cleared his throat and excused himself as he walked towards the way the slender man had gone. Junjin turned his head back at Andy, and the smile rebuilt to his face.


Dongwan had tried his best, but Hyesung didn’t seem to forgive him. He had apologised million times, he had even prepared a breakfast to his husband, and he had offered to buy him anything he wanted, but Hyesung had just coldly neglected him. Dongwan didn’t blame Hyesung at all, but he still felt annoyed by the grown man’s attitude.

“Jihoon said that our mission tonight will be ‘First date all over again’…” Dongwan sat down next to his husband. “…and I really want to take you to somewhere fancy. Please, Hyesung…”

The younger man inhaled deeply, arms crossed to his chest, but broke the stern expression and finally fixed his gaze to Dongwan’s. “Fine…” Hyesung responded. “…but if you dare do anything that will piss me off, I will walk out.”

Dongwan nodded eagerly.

“I promise! You won’t be disappointed in me!” the short man jumped up from the bed. “Dress something nice!” he grinned and scurried out of the room in excitement. “Oh, hi, Eric.” he waved and walked off.

Hyesung raised his head and saw the handsome man standing in the doorway. It was funny how fast Eric had changed after the one little mistake they committed. He used to carry himself properly, but after sleeping with the married man, he had become weirdly slouchy. Hyesung stood up, arms folded on his chest still, and gawked at the man.

“What?” He spoke rudely.

“Hyesung-sshi…We need to talk…” Eric murmured, gesturing with his beautiful hands.

“We don’t.” Hyesung stated. “We are absolutely fine.” he retorted and strode to the wardrobe.

“Hyesung, we are not.” the tall man thought.

The slender man turned around fast, the look on his face expressionless, almost panicked and concerned. He said, “Eric, stop…” He seemed angry almost instantly once the sentence had finished, and the older man felt himself freeze.

“But…we had …” Eric mumbled.

“Yeah, we did, but that was it.” Hyesung moved his hands, denying it by every possible way. He turned back to the wardrobe and pulled out a hideous looking shirt and ugly coloured pants. He threw them to the floor and dived into the drawer.

“No, it was not. Hyesung!” Eric strode to him and grabbed the hand. “My feelings have changed!”

Hyesung shook it off of his and glared at the older man. Eric seemed bizarre. The way looked at him was warm, desperate, frustrated. Hyesung had seen how the man looked at his girls, how he looked at Junjin, but he had never seen this. It made his heart thud prompter, the cheeks turning slightly darker shade than they already were and the hands trembled.

Hyesung shook his head.

“Eric, it was just !” he yelled. “That’s it! Besides, you aren’t my type. Dongwan is…” He added. “Whatever is going on in your small head can wait for someone else to captivate your heart. We are not meant to be and I don’t like you.” He assured.

“But…” Eric opened his mouth.

“Go away Eric. You are just wasting your time on me.” Hyesung snickered.

The taller man glowered at Hyesung in misbelief, teeth gritting, and hissed an angry, “Forget it,” before he turned around and walked out of the bedroom. Hyesung scoffed loudly and continued rummaging his drawer.


Minwoo sat in the bed and looked at his husband. “Andy…I don’t feel that fine…” he crooned, cheeks flushed and eyes half-lidded.

“Oh?” Andy frowned and leaned slightly, palm gluing to the forehead. “You are burning!” he gasped, hand moving around the face. “After everything you’ve gone through,” the maknae pursed his lips sadly.

Minwoo coughed, and leered at his husband.

“I’m sorry…just when we were going to have a date night…” He muttered.

Andy shoved his hand and commenced to his button up shirt, as he sat down to the bed and chuckled at his husband. “It’s totally fine. I will stay here and take care of you. It would be awful with the other couples anyways – that douche Junjin would be there…” he murmured unsatisfied.

Minwoo believed the words, but he could see the disappointment in Andy’s eyes, as he took his hands into his burning hot one’s and rubbed them. “Go…” he allowed. “Just go and bring me something as a souvenir.”

“But…it is a date night…” Andy blinked his eyes. “I can’t go if you won’t go…”

“Then I’ll go,” Minwoo stubbornly climbed off the bed, but was shortly pushed back by the forehead, and tucked in under the blanket. “Andy!”

The taller guy glared at him with his cutely angry eyes, hands on his hips and spoke, “You won’t go anywhere. You will sleep here and drink fluids and eat a lot of vitamins.” Minwoo looked up at the guy and nodded like a kid. “While I am at the dinner, I will send you texts and call you, so you will not feel lonely, ok?”

Minwoo nodded again.

“I will leave some ramyeon in the kitchen, and you can eat that. I will also put water here and some pills you can eat once you’ve eaten.” Andy listed. “And if you need anything from the kiosk, I will go and buy you anything.”

“Okay,” Minwoo smiled. “Have fun.”

“Not without you,” Andy pecked the forehead. “See you later!”



“Hyung? Are you okay?” Junjin interrogated the man who walked way ahead of him and muttered somethings angrily. “You have been pissed for a while now.”

Eric snorted.

“You can tell it, huh?”

Junjin nodded.

“Is something going on?” He questioned. “Is some girl…you know…late?”

Eric shook his head, hands in the tight pockets of his jeans (gee, this man didn’t know how to dress to a freaking date night), and flashed a smile that Junjin couldn’t read. It was mixed with uncertainty and sadness, but it was also one of those cool smiles Eric always flashed. He had once had a girl he had really liked and that smile reminded Junjin of her.

“I just have a lot of work related thoughts…” Eric lied.

“Oh? Something I can help with?” Junjin tried. “I might seem dumb but you know I am a CEO too.” he chuckled.

The hyung smiled again, this time differently than before, and approached to his husband. Junjin scowled confused, once the hyung threw his arms around him and hugged him tight. The younger man blinked his eyes, but put his arms around him and tapped the upper back.

I’m sorry Chungjae…I cannot tell you…I can’t tell…

“Okay, hyung, okay…” Junjin withdrew. “Whatever it is…you’ll be fine. You are hyung!” he grinned. “Now, let’s go have a free meal!” he grabbed the hyung’s hand and added, “Even if we aren’t in love, we can pretend to be a real couple this once right?”

Eric inhaled and then chuckled.

“Right,” he replied.


Dongwan dug his pockets and halted his steps. Hyesung stopped next to him, glaring at him annoyed and asked, “What?”

“Aish…I forgot my phone,” Dongw

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Chapter 20: Just read this in one shot....Oh man this is brilliant
Chapter 20: Just read this in one shot....Oh man this is brilliant
Chapter 20: wahhhh finally I can remember my password and my email for this account hiks...can't believe this FF was over... (T_T)
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Chapter 20: Ah it's really over...
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and then there''s Jita, ah the Jita, Jihoon hurt me by regretting this whole thing, I hope he doesn't regret now, but damn it was cute saying his mom warned him hahaha
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